April 15, 2019   |   Tips

Public Holidays and Leave

Easter is only a few days away.

With a number of public holidays coming up over the next couple of weeks, we thought it was fitting to make this tip around public holidays and leave.

So, when an employee is on leave, do you have to pay them public holiday payments? This really depends on the type of leave the employee takes. We explain the difference between annual leave, personal leave and leave without pay.

Annual and personal leave

If a public holiday falls on a day an employee was rostered to work and has requested annual or personal leave; the employee is eligible for the public holiday payment.

The public holiday is not counted as annual or personal leave, and the employee’s leave balance cannot be reduced by this amount. In the circumstance of personal leave, normal rules still apply whereby you can request evidence that shows the reason they took the leave.

Leave without pay

An employee is not required to be paid for any public holiday that falls within a period of leave without pay.