February 19, 2021   |   Super

What is a default super fund?

When you hire a new employee, they are generally given the option to nominate a super fund into which you pay their super.

If they don’t nominate a fund, you are required to pay their super into your default super fund.

Your default fund needs to be a complying fund that offers a minimum level of life insurance and must be MySuper authorised. MySuper was introduced by the Federal Government as part of its Stronger Super reforms and was designed to give consumers access to a simple, low-fee super product that is easy to compare across super funds.

If you’ve chosen Sunsuper as your default fund you can rest assured that Sunsuper meets all of these requirements. In fact, Sunsuper was the first fund in Australia to be awarded a MySuper licence.

For more information on Sunsuper, visit our website.

If you’d like to choose Sunsuper as your default super fund, you can do it easily in Beam. There is also a simple to follow guide available on the Beam website.

If you are a Definitiv customer, you can also define your default super fund or super funds (if you have multiple) in the Definitiv platform. Your default super fund is also shown and made available to your new hires through the Onboarding module.

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