Connecting your payroll, HR and WHS.

Bring your people onto the one platform and have access to the information you and they need. Making reporting stress-free and simple, you no longer need to rely on multiple systems that don’t talk to each other.

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Definitiv has been designed with user experience at its core. Easy to use and navigate, Definitiv will be quickly adopted throughout your organisation.

Cloud-based & mobile app

Definitiv can be used anywhere, regardless of where you and your people are located.

Drag ‘n’ drop

Making it easier to implement changes and updates, Definitiv has drag ‘n’ drop capability throughout the platform.

One platform

You no longer need multiple accounts for numerous products. Definitiv lets you manage everything on one platform with a single source of truth.

Insightful reporting.

Definitiv allows you to generate detailed reports on the metrics you need, using real-time, historical and future-projected data. With little effort, you’ll have the data you need to make decisions that will benefit the business and the wellness of your people.

Live headcounts and diversity reports

As Definitiv is a date-driven platform, you can easily pinpoint the accurate headcount for any demographic factor down to the exact date.

Pivot tables & charts

With Definitiv, you can use in-built pivot tables to adjust any report to meet your requirements. Providing endless possibilities, you can pick and choose your fields and decide how to present them with a number of chart and graph options available.

Historical master record information

Want to see a person’s growth within the organisation? Definitiv can give you an accurate capture of a person’s full employment history, including when each event occurred.


Empower your people.

By connecting your people with payroll and HR, Definitiv empowers your people to be more involved in the process.

Employee Hub

Accessible via web and our mobile app, your people can now remotely manage their own contact details, banking information, leave applications and more.

Leave history chart

Keeping your employees accountable, Definitiv shows them their previous leave history by day of the week, helping to identify any negative trends.

Manager access

With access to their team’s qualifications, documents, leave records and much more, managers are provided with the tools they need to stay on top of their employees’ administration.

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