The payroll platform catering for finance people.

Definitiv is a payroll and HR platform designed with finance and accounting departments in mind. Helping to keep your software costs down, Definitiv also gives you full visibility over your people and labour costs.

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Cost effective and efficient solution.

Financially, Definitiv makes sense. Consolidating your rostering, time and attendance, award interpretation, payroll, superannuation and reporting onto one platform, means your business only requires one platform.

Process efficiencies

One platform equals one source of truth. Any data added or changed in Definitiv is shared instantly throughout the platform, eliminating the double handling of data and ensuring efficient and consistent processes are maintained.

Automation & accuracy

Automating the payroll from time and attendance, right through to the award interpretation, not only reduces the resources invested in the payroll but also increases accuracy and compliance.

Reduced headcount

Removing human input from the payroll process, means you can reduce your payroll and administrative overheads.


Real-time finance reports.

With flexible and adaptable reports, Definitiv offers in-depth payroll and finance insights without you having to utilise external BI tools.


Definitiv can pinpoint accurate data at any point in time; past, present and future. Not bound by pay periods, you can capture payroll data for a single day or any date range you require.

Detailed GL costing

From project to work order or task, Definitiv can capture labour costs at a granular and detailed level.

Pivot tables and charts

Giving you greater flexibility on what data you need to see and how you want to see it, Definitiv allows you to manipulate data to match your requirements. With the ability to save your own templates, you can recreate reports instantly.

ERP integration.

Definitiv can be integrated directly with your ERP and other systems. Utilising RESTful API’s, your data can be shared beyond Definitiv, while maintaining one true source of data.

Keeping your data secure.

At Definitiv, we invest a lot in our security and infrastructure. Aligned with SOC 1 certification, you can rest assured we’re keeping your payroll and HR data safe and secure.

Enterprise level security

256 Bit TLS, encrypting data at rest, and independent databases at client level are all standard measures at Definitiv to protect your data from unauthorised access.

Australian data centres

All data on Definitiv is stored and processed within Australian AWS data centres only.

Single Sign-On & Single Sign-Off

Enable your IT to maintain centralised control over credentials and authorisation with ADFS integration.

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