Web V2.6

  1. TimeClock Setting: Rounding to scheduled start and finish times

If you have employees using one of our TimeClock options; you now have the following rules available under TimeClock Settings;

  • Round to Scheduled Start Time: This allows you to have an employee’s actual start or clocked on time rounded to their scheduled start time on the timesheet; if within the configured rounding period.
  • Round to Scheduled Finished Time: This allows you to have an employee’s actual finished or clocked off time rounded to their scheduled finish time on the timesheet; if within the configured rounding period.

These rules will be implemented; regardless of whether an employee has met the other rounding/grace period conditions. Therefore, if applied, this new rounded time will be used when assessing the timesheet through other grace periods settings.

Android TimeClock App V1.1

  1. Permitted employees can now apply for leave when using the TimeClock.
  2. Our Android TimeClock app is now compatible with our NFC readers. Contact our team today to order the readers and NFC tags for your workforce.


Web V2.6

  1. The library of font types has been removed from the Announcements feature.
  2. Notes added to a shift during rostering will now be shown to an employee via their work schedule in our mobile apps.
  3. Roster entries with leave applications will no longer prevent the roster from being published.
  4. Roster performance has been enhanced to prevent any impact by leave applications.
  5. The tax calculation for Working Holiday Makers where the YTD gross earnings exceed $120,000 for FY 2020/21 has been updated.

Android TimeClock App V1.1

  1. An issue related to caching that was causing the incorrect project to be logged with a TimeClock event has been resolved.