Web V2.5

  1. A new option has been added for super contributions under the Superannuation section of the employee’s master record. This new option allows the user to define a minimum amount of super to be paid; and could be utilised in the circumstances that your award or industrial agreement calls for payment of the higher of SG contributions or a specific dollar amount.Please note; contributions are not pro-rated and are processed regardless of any super guarantee requirements. Any changes should be updated in line with a pay period start and end date.

iOS App V2.26

  1. App related information and links to our privacy policy and social media pages have been relocated to the newly added About section under Settings.


Web V2.5

  1. The Block Quote formatting option will no longer be available in the Announcements feature.

iOS App V2.26

  1. The Employee Info screen has been redesigned to offer a better and more seamless user experience.
  2. An update was made to the configuration of the quick links feature to improve the user experience.

Android App V2.20

  1. We have added a little sparkle to our loading and login screens by refreshing the look and feel.

iOS TimeClock App V2.10

  1. If you only have one organisation, this organisation will now automatically be selected for registration when provisioning a new device.