Web V2.3

  1. Auto-approval rules and settings will apply for timesheets and work schedules that elapse midnight.
  2. Bank accounts with four or five digits can now be saved in Definitiv.
  3. User permissions have been updated to only show the left-hand side Admin menu when applicable.
  4. The date validation logic on the Timesheet import has been enhanced to ensure greater accuracy and reduce potential errors, i.e. timesheets with the date formatted differently to Definitiv, such as; MM/DD/YY will not be created.
  5. An Archived column has been added to the Org Chart grid report that indicates whether a position has been archived or is still active.
  6. Work Restrictions Module: Updated the visual issue of seeing an edit button on Work Restriction policies when permission only allowed view access.

iOS App V2.24

  1. Personal TimeClock has been updated to improve the way events are shown to users on the timeline.
  2. An update has been made to improve loading time for a timesheet where there is a high volume of projects.

Android App V2.18

  1. Documents and compliance records are now categorised and arranged into tidy and functional folder structures (compliance records requires the Compliance module).


Web V1.36

New Features

  1. Introducing a calculation method of Monthly Salary. This feature will process the Monthly salary amount and normalise the daily rate based on the number of working days in the month. Plus, all timesheets and leave applications will calculate in 0.5 or 1-day increments as per the requirements set out from the Ministry of Manpower.

Under the Hood

  1. The State field has been updated to optional for Singapore addresses.
  2. An employee assigned with the residency status of Foreigner in the Employee Declaration will not be included in the CPF File.
  3. The Audit Summary PDF Report has been updated to enhance the production of this report.