Web V2.2

1. Rostering

We’ve added new features to our Rostering upgrade, including;

  • Saving roster templates;
  • Duplicating rosters templates; and
  • Archiving roster templates

To find out more about our feature-rich Rostering, please see our previous release notes.

2. More functionality with custom fields has been introduced with the ability to create global custom fields. This means you will only have to maintain the custom field on one organisation, and it will apply to all other organisations automatically. In addition to this you can create custom fields against an organisation. These fields can be used to store details relative to the organisation and can be utilised in Custom Reports.

3. Date-driven custom fields are also now available on pay items and plant and equipment.

4. GL codes and export codes can now be applied to the organisation. These fields can be used to store details relative to the organisation and can be utilised in custom reports. The fields can be found in Admin > Configuration > Organisation Settings > General Tab.

5. Organisation Chart to clearly display the positions which are marked as the Default Approver in Admin > Configuration > Organisation Settings > Approvals Tab. When opening the position, hover over the wdogeJcQaf0ajfFAAAAABJRU5ErkJggg== symbol to display the organisations which the position is the Default of.


iOS App 2.22.0

1. TimeClock Timeline

The TimeClock timeline has been revamped to include information on any manually created timesheets. You can now keep track of all of your day’s shifts in the one place.

Android App V2.17.0

1. TimeClock Timeline

The TimeClock timeline has been revamped to include information on any manually created timesheets. You can now keep track of all of your day’s shifts in the one place.

2. New Team Variance Report

Keep on top of the hours your team members are working with the new Team Variance report. This intuitive report can be found in the My Team section under the main menu.

3. My Hours Report Makeover

The My Hours report has had a shiny makeover to improve navigation and use. The improved report now includes insights on any work restriction warnings you may have received.


Web V2.2

1. Payslip generation will occur as a separate job to the Publishing of Pay Run. This means the process of publishing will now be quicker. A status to track the generation of the payslips will be displayed in the Pay Run Details screen. Once the status has updated to Completed the Payslips will be available on Employees record and can be emailed.


2. Category Mode column is now included in the Provision Policy Report.

3. Pay Calendar has been added to the Time Attendance Report.

4. Custom Fields can now be completed on Work Schedules and will prepopulate when opening a Timesheet. If the custom field is Mandatory a value will need to be entered on the Work Schedule.

5. Public Holiday Not Worked Timesheets can be created when the Employees Primary Project has Mandatory Work Orders Assigned.

6. Resolved the issue where the Organisation would not correctly swap on certain screens.

7. Units in Gross to Net report will display the sum of the accruals.

8. Rectified the issue where the exclude Apprentice/Trainee flag on a provision policy was not being obeyed.

9. Sorting on Headers in Employee Listing will sort numerically.

10. Years of Service field in Accrual Liability report will be based on the Years of Service Date held in the Employment Record if populated or the most recent Hired Date.

11. Pay Runs Report will show the source of Manual Edit on PAYG pay items.

12. 2FA Status in User Listing to show as Pending if the 2FA Reset has been actioned.

13. Due to the Dynamic nature of Definitiv, the User Guides have been removed from the User menu. Should you require User Guides please log a support ticket. Should the request require guides specific to your Organisation these will be scoped via a Consulting request.

14. All User Invites and Password Reset emails will advise the user that the links expire after 24hrs

15. Resolved an edge case where a Public Holiday Not Worked timesheet could not be re-entered if previously withdrawn.

16. Reversing a previously paid marginal tax payment will run through the same calculation as the payment but in negative. Please note that if the reversal of the payment occurs in a different pay period to the original, the marginal tax calculation may come to a different result as the YTD values have changed.

iOS App V2.22.0

1. It’s now even easier to always be in the know and to stay up to date with everything work-related. All announcements, regardless of whether they are mandatory or not, will show up on app start-up so you never miss a beat.

Android App V2.17.0

1. Options selected in the drop-down custom field can now be updated at a later date and a Not Specified option has been introduced for non-mandatory fields.

2. We’ve changed up the calendar style in the accrual balances screen to make it quicker and easier to select dates.