Web V2.1

1. New Rostering Upgrade (BETA RELEASE ONLY)

Features and Capabilities 

We have been working on making some significant upgrades to our rostering over the past few months.

Some of the new features that are ready for release include;

  • Projected cost calculations with the option to include oncosts or only select specific pay items
  • Rolling roster functionality with the ability to import rostered shifts from previous periods
  • Be alerted to potential work restriction or compliance issues in relation to a rostered shift (requires the usage of  Work Restrictions and/or Compliance modules)
  • Easier navigation and more flexibility in the design

Have clients that want to test it out?

As our new rostering is still in beta phase, it is currently an optional add-in. If you have clients that would like to use the new rostering capability, please log a request with the Definitiv Help Desk and our team will switch it on for their environment.

The new rostering is free as part of the Essentials Pack and therefore there are no costs associated with turning it on.

Rostering Training

Our team will be demonstrating the new rostering during the upcoming partner release training. We will also be providing a complimentary rostering training video that can be used for internal training and to provide customers who opt-in. This video will be available in the next two weeks.

If further training is provided, one hour of online training can be provided for $240 (exc GST) or one hour of face to face training is available for $480 (exc GST). Training can be booked via logging a consulting request through the Definitiv Help Desk.

2. 2021 Public Holidays

The 2021 national and state-based public holidays have been added to Definitiv.

What do you need to do? 

  1. Please review all locations that have had public holidays assigned to them. Public holidays will automatically be linked to a location (federal and state/territory only) if locations were kept in the standardised format.
  2. Delete any public holidays your organisation does not observe.
  3. Manually add in any regional public holidays your organisation does observe.
  4. The ‘Friday before the AFL Grand Final’ public holiday has not been added, as it is subject to the AFL schedule being released. Once gazetted you will need to manually add in this public holiday if observed by your organisation.

Additional Information: 

  • If you have already manually entered your 2021 public holidays, Definitiv will not add any public holidays that match the same date and location of the ones already in the platform.
  • If employees have already booked leave for the next calendar year, the estimated leave calculation will be automatically adjusted, and no action needs to be taken by you or your employee(s).

3. Time Attendance Grid Report

The new Time Attendance Grid report (not to be confused with our original Time Attendance report) can be found in Reporting > Time Attendance Reporting. This report will show you a pivoted view on your work schedule/roster data with additional grouping by project, role and/or department.

4. Provision Policies Report

The new provision policies report can be found in Reporting > Company Reporting. This report will enable you to check the configuration of the provision policies.

5. Employee Role Assignment Report

The new Employee Role Assignments report can be found in Reporting > Employee Reporting. This report will enable you to view all roles assigned to employees as of the date being viewed as well as any allocations made within the roles assignment.

iOS App 2.21

1. Team Variance Report

The Team Variance report has made it to the iOS app and is available for managers to easily keep track of and analyse their team’s worked hours.

2. Improved My Hours Report

The improved My Hours report has had a shiny new makeover and now includes information on any work restriction warnings.

Android App V2.16

1. What’s New

Going forward when we release an update, users will be greeted with a What’s New screen, upon updating to the latest version. This screen will advise them of the latest enhancements to the app.


Web V2.1

1. Ability to not be required to lodge a super batch to Beam for processing. By selecting the Finalise Batch button when in the Superannuation Batch screen, the file will be closed off from selection and will not be transmitted to Beam for processing. Please note, if you do choose this selection, you will not be able to transmit this batch to Beam at a later date.

2. The Show Current and Show All filter has been added to the Additions and Deductions screen on an employee’s master record.

3. In the case of an error occurring, you can now unpublish a third party payment. Please be wary of this functionality in the event that the payment file has already been uploaded to your bank.

4. A new Branch Code field has been added to the Organisation Details screen. Add in your ABN branch number for it to be communicated to the ATO in your STP file. If this field is not populated, Definitiv will populate it with a default value of “1” in STP transmissions.

5. The ABA file will now use the information provided in the Account Name field within the Banking tab under the Organisation Settings screen. As the ABA file was previously drawing from the Legal Name field (saved under the Organisation Details screen), the account name saved in your database has been updated to reflect the legal name. Please ensure you check that the company name saved in the Legal Name field is the same as the entity name registered with the ATO and the name saved in the Account Name field matches your bank’s requirements.

6. The STP file sent to the ATO will use the information in the Legal Name field within the Organisational Details screen.

7. The Break Description column in the timesheet data import is no longer mandatory in order to create timesheet breaks.

8. Pending roster requests will only be displayed for the organisation currently being viewed.

9. Enhanced validation logic has been added for projects with locked roles, locations and/or departments.

10. For enhanced security, the management of users and permissions has been split out to four individual permissions (all available under the Edit Authorisation Role screen);

  • Manage Users: This permission will enable you to change passwords, edit users and reset passwords on the User Listing screen.
  • Manage User Permissions: This permission will enable you to update the permission roles assigned to a user.
  • Manage Permissions: This permission will enable you to update the Permissions in User Roles
  • Manage API Keys: This permission can be set at the global and self levels. The global level will give the user access to all API keys and the self level only allows you to reset your own employee API key.

11. An Announcements email will now skip an employee without an associated user account and continue sending onto all other and applicable employees.

iOS App V2.21

1. Work orders can now be selected when starting a scheduled shift using the Personal TimeClock.

2. Users can now choose to send back diagnostic information to help improve the app without an email client being setup.

Android App V2.16

1. The Announcements feature has had an upgrade that includes a new and improved workflow; making acknowledging announcements even easier.

2. Have greater control over your downloads with the new attachments download screen. Now you can start, stop and monitor your attachment downloads as well as limit downloads to be performed over WiFi only.

3. Work orders can now be selected when starting a scheduled shift using the Personal TimeClock.

iOS TimeClock App V2.8

1. Users can now choose to send back diagnostic information to help improve the app without an email client setup required.