Web V1.37

1. Plant and Equipment Module (BETA RELEASE ONLY)

Features and Capabilities

With the Plant and Equipment module you can do the following;

  • Record and manage physical assets
  • Make assets reportable (i.e. to be recorded on a timesheet) or non-reportable
  • Assign assets to an employee or project
  • Report asset utilisation on timesheets and the TimeClock
  • Be alerted to potential compliance issues on timesheet entry (in combination with the Compliance module)

The Plant and Equipment module is currently only released to our Beta clients. Full details and the official release will occur over the next few months. If you would like to receive more information, please email​

2. Position Codes

We have introduced position codes to our organisation chart functionality. You can now record the respective codes or IDs for positions.


3. Accrual Movements Improvements

  • The Configurable Years of Service start date field available on an employee’s master record (go to Employee Details tab > Employment Details section > Employment History and click View on a hire date record) has been improved. This date can be used for determining the probability and discount factor calculations.
  • Simplifying leave loading, a leave accrual oncost or leave loading rate can be added at the employee-level on the Leave Policy tab of the employee master record. To enable leave loading; go to User Roles; click View (on the applicable user role); scroll down to the Employee Details section; and enable the Employee Leave Loading permissions.
  • Accrual Balances grid report expanded to report on oncost rate, inflation rate, probability and discount factors calculations. Please be aware, the additional data will only be available in this report from this release onwards. To see how to add these to an accrual type, see the previous release notes.

4. Work Order Dates

Project work orders now come with commencement and cease date functionality.

Android App V2.13

1. Timesheets now show the nearby address registered for a TimeClock event.

2. Dashboard widgets can be personalised to each organisation.


Web V1.37

1. If the 2FA prompt time outs, Definitiv will navigate back to the login page.

2. TimeClock transactions which exceed a 24-hour duration will be marked as requiring intervention from a manager to approve.

3. The Emergency Contact report now includes the following fields; primary location, primary department, primary project and primary role.

4. The Specific Employees Only checkbox on projects has been restored. By selecting this function, a project will only show on the dropdown list for the nominated employees. Employees who are not named on this project will not be able to assign time to this project.

5. The error message shown in the Superannuation tab (on the employee master record) when there are missing details in the Contributions section has been corrected.

6. A Leave application will show as paid in reporting when the leave application ends on a public holiday and the accrual type is set to not override public holidays.

7. Cash out everything requests processed in a manual pay run will be deducted from the accrual balance correctly and not reprocessed.

8. A pay run error will be shown if a rule in the award policy requires but is missing a pay item.

9. Ability to set a pay run warning exception message in the award policy (previously only error messages could be set).

10. Resolved issue where a timesheet could not be created when the time period set (i.e. start/finish time or duration) on the roster entry was different to the default time period specified under Organisation Settings.

11. Validation errors on roster entry costing fields will display as a toast notification.

12. If there is an issue with the address field on the Organisational Details screen, an error message will appear when a user attempts to save.

13. Cash-based accruals in leave balances and various reports will not be multiplied by the employee’s pay policy rate.

14. Add Line Item function will disable the rate field if a pay item is selected and then removed.

Android V2.13

1. Bank Accounts screen has been improved to provide a better experience.

2. A timesheet in pending requests will not include breaks in its duration length.

3. The submit button on a timesheet will be disabled when the timesheet has already been submitted to prevent duplication.