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Payroll V1.9

Roster Templates

1. The management of Organisational Roster Templates has been moved to Team Roster > Team Roster Templates.

2. Updated User Roles / Permissions:

  • A new Permission called “Manage Roster Templates” has been created, controlling the ability for a user to manage and edit Roster Templates.
  • There are two types of templates available; Organisational Rosters and Personal Rosters. Organisational Rosters are templates that can be used organisation wide; Personal Rosters are templates that can be created and used by the user.
    • A user role with the Global level permission can edit Organisational Rosters as well as any Personal Roster.
    • A user role with the Owner level permission can edit their own Personal Rosters only.

3. New Roster Template options available:

  • Starting Day – Determines the first day of the week in the Roster Template.
  • Template Type – Sets the template as Personal or Organisational.
  • Roster by Role / Roster by Employee – Sets the default view for the Roster Template.
  • Roster Option Defaults – This option has no direct impact on a Roster Template but allows you to establish the default options for rosters created using the template.

4. New Functionality:

  • An Actions menu has been added to Roster Templates allowing for quick access to Edit, Copy and Remove.
  • Drag & Drop functionality has been added, allowing you to move a Roster Template entry to a different day.
  • The Roster by Role and Roster by Employee modes are now available in Roster Templates.
  • When a new row is added, it will maintain its position within the Roster Template when the screen is reloaded.
    • Note: There is currently no ability to reorder rows within Roster Templates.
  • The Roster PDF download will display a Roster in the same order for both Roster by Role and Roster by Employee modes.

5. Roster by Role:

  • Row-level duplicate and delete actions can be carried out on the Roster by Role rows.
  • Roster by Role rows now appear in the same order they are entered into the Roster Template.
  • The order of a Roster by Role row is maintained between a Template and a Roster.
  • When duplicating a new Roster by Role row, it is added directly beneath the same section of roles.
  • Unassigned Roster by Role rows will appear in the same order in the View by Employee mode as they do in the View by Role mode.


1. The Time Clock Variance Report now covers events where an employee is rostered on to work but there are no clock in/out events recorded. The report includes an employee’s Primary Project, Department, Location and Role so you can filter out non-relevant transactions, i.e. Departments that aren’t required to use the TimeClock.

2. A Leave Application containing part-day leave times will now display the date(s) of the part-day leave times in the Timesheet dialog. A Leave Application with part-day leave times will only show up on the Timesheet dialog if the Timesheet falls within the Leave Application period.

3. Employer super contributions are now date-driven and contributions made to a specific super fund can be ceased and commenced during a pay period. i.e. Definitiv can correctly apply employer super contributions to different funds midway through a payrun. Please note, employee contributions to super funds cannot be ceased or commenced during a pay period as they can only be costed at the end of the pay period.

Definitiv Android App V1.6

Roster Acceptances for employees are now available in Pending Requests.


Payroll V1.9

1. If there is a two-step approval for leave applications, the leave application will continue to show as orange (pending colour) after the first approval and up until it has received its second approval.

2. Public Holidays will now be shown on the Work Schedule on the Employee Dashboard.

3. The time-based fields in report exports will display in UTC, if the browser does not support time conversion, i.e. Internet Explorer 11.

4. In line with the recent MSCB cap changes, the MSCB warning message has been updated to “Employee has reached the Maximum Contribution Super paid of $5132.85 for 1 July 2018 – 30 June 2019 – Q1.”

5. An error message will be shown when a user attempts to delete a Roster entry which has already been processed in a payrun. Please note, if a Timesheet has been entered and approved for the rostered shift, then the Roster entry can be deleted. It is only when the system has processed the pay from the Roster entry that the Roster entry is unable to be deleted.

6. An error message will now be shown throughout the platform when a user attempts to remove the contents of a mandatory field and click Save.

7. An award-related error message will now show in the payrun if no rate was specified in a Pay Policy.

8. When an Employee Condition is set up in an Award Policy without any employees specified, Definitiv will now generate a detailed error message during the payrun.

9. The Edit button has been removed from Qualifications, Employee Documents and Availability for users with the View Only Permission. An issue had occurred, causing users with the View Only Permission to see the Edit button, although they were unable to save any changes they attempted to make.

10. An issue causing Leave line items that had been manually edited to reverse in the subsequent payrun has been resolved.

11. An issue causing incorrect backpay to be calculated when the end of one employment period and the start of a new employment period were close together has been resolved.

12. An issue causing scheduled leave to prevent the Time and Attendance Report from running has been resolved.

13. An issue has been fixed to prevent Daily Digest communications from being sent to users at various times during the day. Daily Digests are now only sent between 12.00am and 12.10am.

14. An issue preventing the day of the week columns from being included in the Team Work Schedule export has now been fixed.

Definitiv iOS App V1.13

1. Roster Templates are updated in line with the web changes.

2. Timesheets will display exactly what was entered even if the costing components are not valid.

3. Fixed an issue where selecting/deselecting Pending Requests was adding blank space to the bottom of the list resulting in a bad UI.