Payroll V1.8

1. New Balance Visibility of “Visible to Administrators only” added to Accrual Types

Based on feedback received, ‘Never Visible‘ has returned to being never visible and a new balance visibility type ‘Visible to Administrators Only’ has been introduced. To make it clear an accrual-type is only visible to an Administrator, a note has been added to the Accrual Balances screen.

Accrual Balances

2. Definitiv now supports pre-tax deductions and salary sacrifice super on foreign earnings  

3. Increased visibility of Roster Notes

Notes attached to Timesheets, scheduled entries and Roster entries have been made more apparent through icon indicators. Facets with the improved icon indicators include; Timesheet Calendar, Roster Calendar, Team Work Schedule Calendar and the Time Attendance Report.

4. Header row remains in view when scrolling through a large roster

The header row now remains in view while scrolling through the Roster Calendar, making it easier to schedule a shift entry to the correct day.

Definitiv iOS App V1.12

Pending Timesheet Approvals

An upgrade to the user interface has been undertaken to provide the approver with more information as to why a Timesheet was not auto-approved.

Note: Please allow until Wednesday for this update to appear in the App Store.


Payroll V1.8

1. Employee Pay Policy includes future dated terminated employees when ‘Include Termination’ is checked.

2. Improved the reliability of various background jobs that run overnight.

To reflect the updates made there is now up to a ten-minute time difference between the nightly notifications, i.e. notifications may run anytime between 12:00 and 12:10, rather than exactly on midnight.

3. Fixed an issue within the Pending Timesheet Approvals table where incorrect validation errors could appear within group rows after entering and clearing a search filter.

4. To make it easier for you to rectify, the No Remaining Bank Account error now displays an employee’s full name and number instead of the GUID message. If there are multiple bank account errors, Definitiv will now show them collectively in one error message instead of one at a time.

5. Once clicking on the Calculate Selected button in the pay run, the checkboxes selected for calculation will clear rather than remaining selected.

6. For greater consistency the checkboxes within grid tables have been updated to reflect the rest of the Definitiv, i.e. when filtering a column within a table the checkboxes will look the same as other checkboxes throughout the platform.

7. When performing a recalculation in the Employee Calculation Summary screen of a pay run, the line item summary will now show as nil until the recalculation completes.

8. Dates and Times in report exports no longer reference UTC.

Please note, these reports cater for different time zones and observe daylight savings.

9. A warning message will appear to let you know some features will not work if you are using the unsupported browser; Internet Explorer 11, i.e. while in the Admin areas of Definitiv.

Please note, the warning message does not show when accessing supported areas of the application.

Definitiv Android App V1.8

Rework of Internal Code

User permissions are now updated whenever the Definitiv app is resumed from the background and when the screen is woken up.

Additionally, any time permissions are refreshed in the app, the quick links and Navigation Drawer menu items are also updated.

Definitiv iOS TimeClock App V1.5

The local date and time are now included in an employee request to ensure accurate and current costing.

Definitiv iOS App V1.12

Leave Calendar no longer shows the week as Friday through Thursday.

An upgrade in iOS 12 caused an issue where the calendar pop-up would show the days of the week as Friday through Thursday. This issue has been rectified, and it will now show as Sunday through Saturday, which is consistent throughout the product.

Note: Please allow until Wednesday for this update to appear in the App Store.