Payroll V1.7

1. 2019 Public Holidays

The 2019 National and State-based Public Holidays have been added to Definitiv. If you have already manually entered your 2019 Public Holidays, Definitiv will not add any Public Holidays that match the same date and location of the ones already in the platform.

What do you need to do?

  • Review all your locations have had Public Holidays assigned to them. Locations will automatically be linked to the Public Holidays if they were kept in the standardised format.
  • Delete any Public Holidays your organisation does not observe.
  • Manually add in any regional Public Holidays your organisation observes.

2. Reporting Permissions

We are introducing greater flexibility around reporting permissions. As part of this release; each Reporting section within Definitiv has been split into individual permissions.

Reporting Permissions


Please note: You can only assign reports to users at a Global level, i.e. you cannot restrict reports to Line Manager or Project Manager view.

3. Pending Timesheet Approvals

An upgrade to the user interface has been undertaken to provide the approver with more information as to why a Timesheet was not auto-approved.

Please note: Only items for approval created since the release will have more user-friendly messages. Also, if  Auto Approval Mode is set to Disabled, then no information will be provided.

Definitiv Android App V1.5

1. The Team Leave Calendar Screen has now been introduced.

Definitiv iOS App V1.11

1. User Feedback

Introduced a new functionality allowing users to provide feedback/crash reports and/or suggest new features.


Payroll V1.7

1. Instances, where Unsubmitted Timesheets were being shown to Managers for periods before the company’s Go-Live Date, have been corrected and will no longer show.

2. The Target Days Accrual Type within the Leave Policy has been retired from use.

3. The full Employee Listing will now be retained once a Pay Run is Verified. Making it easier to add an employee after verifying, you no longer need to change the status back to Draft to see the full Employee Listing again.

4. Fixed issue with attachments not saving in Award Policies.

5. Maximum Super Contribution Base (MSCB) will now be capped when processing a Manual Pay Run.

MSCB is a quarterly cap that refreshes each quarter. The costing date assigned to a pay item determines what quarter the super is to be applied. A warning message when the MSCB has been reached will display in the Manual Pay Run.

6. PDF Roster Report total will no longer include breaks. Due to feedback received from customers, the totals have been updated to not include break duration amounts.

7. An error message will display if a Leave Manual Line Item is entered without a reason and/or dates.

8. Improvements have been made to the Pay Run screen to make it more clear to users when the Pay Run is being calculated.

Enhancements include cleared checkbox selections and a greyed out Calculate Selected button until another selection has been made.

9. Logic has been updated within Definitiv to only process shifts ending on an Employees Termination Date and not shifts that start on the termination date.

10. Resolved issue where Whole of Income ETP Cap was not taxing accordingly.

11. Introduction of two Working Holiday Maker Termination Pay Items.

As all components of a termination payment are taxed as per—Tax-table-for-working-holiday-makers/, there is no requirement to break down payments further in the system. If you wish to separate the payments within Definitiv, you can utilise the notes field.

Definitiv will automatically detect whether there is a current WHM Tax Declaration and provide these new Pay Items in the drop-down list of Process Termination, instead of the regular Pay Items.

In addition to this, any payments that have an accrual will need to have the accrual negated out, as these Termination Pay Items cannot be mapped to one specific Accrual Type.

Definitiv Android App V1.5

1. Introduction of expanded Work Schedule cards on the Dashboard. When you click on the Work Schedule, more information, i.e. Project, Role, Location and Department are displayed.

2. View permission on Bank details. If View only permission is granted, the user cannot edit their bank account details.

3. General User Interface Improvements.

4. Improved Success/Error messages that include greater detail and explanation.