Web V1.5

  1. Ability to specify the Marginal Tax Period in the Definitiv Line Items Import Spreadsheet. In the Taxable Months column, you can choose from either; 1 (Monthly), 3 (Quarterly), 6 (Bi-Annually), 12 (Annually) or you can leave it blank to use the Current Pay Period within the attached workbook.
  2. A warning message will be shown when $0 tax has been calculated on a Marginally Taxed Pay Item. The Warning Message has been introduced to alert you in case you wish to manually update the Marginally Taxed Pay Item value. A nil tax value can occur when not enough earnings have been detected in the current financial year.
  3. Dates added to a Manual Line Item within a pay run will now display correctly when you return to edit the Manual Line Item entry.
  4. Verified Pay Run status will retain its status upon refreshing and when navigating back to the pay run process screen.
  5. Pay Policy Report has been updated to include the latest pay policies associated with your organisation’s terminated employees.
  6. Accrual Types set as Never Visible will now be visible under Accrual Balances for Admin users. They will remain invisible to employees.
  7. Third Party Batch is sorted by Payment Start Date in a descending order.
  8. Effective from 01/07/2018, the quarterly Maximum Superannuation Contribution Base (MSCB) will be calculated based on total Super paid, rather than the superable earnings. Our new method of applying the MSCB takes into consideration any manually added employer super contributions. This means if you have the MSCB cap enabled you will no longer be able to add contributions that exceed the quarterly amount. Please note, as this is effective from 01/07/2018 there may be applicable backpays associated with this update.
  9. Improvements have been made to the Superannuation Batch Creation process to prevent larger batches from timing out.