Web V1.4

1. Accrual Cash Out 

Accrual Cash Out is an exciting new feature available in Definitiv. To find out how it can be used in your organisation, please watch this video.

If you are interested in having the Accrual Cash Out feature turned on, please contact our team at

2. Roster Grid Report

This new report has the same flexible functionality as all our other grid reports. Taking care of all your rostering reporting requirements, the new Roster Grid Report can be customised to your organisational needs and variants can be saved.

Rostering Report


To access, go to Reporting > Time Attendance Report > Rostering.

3. Upgraded Roster UI 

In preparation for future enhancements to the Rostering module, there has been a slight visual change to the Rostering user interface.

4. Ability to process non-Total Packaged superable pay items

Logic has been introduced, where an employee’s superannuation contribution record is required when you process super pay items. If you have an employee where super is not legally obliged to be paid, you will need to insert a 0% or $0 super contribution record. This will make it clear for you within the system that you are not paying the employee super, rather than potentially appearing as if you have forgotten to insert the super record.

These changes have caused elements of the super processor to be rewritten. Therefore, we strongly recommend opening a payrun for the last published pay period date to assess the backpay this change may have produced. If there are backpay amounts produced, you will need to determine as to whether the backpay contributions are valid, and if not, they will need to be removed. Backpay may have also been calculated in Manual Pay runs with threshold calculations.

iOS Definitiv App V1.10

  • Fast App Switching has now been introduced, so you can easily switch back and forth between Definitiv and your other apps.
  • Roster Legend can now easily be displayed by selecting the info icon.

Android App V1.3

  • A new Settings screen that provides you with the ability to change your password within the App.
  • Team Listing now includes an option to toggle to terminated employees.


Web V1.4

Removal of payslip lines when 0 Units & 0 Amount   

This may occur when a costing change is undertaken retrospectively. The payslip will generate 0 Unit or 0 Amount lines. This does not affect any unpaid leave types.

Default payslip template updated

  • Fixed an issue where certain deductions were failing to show on the payslip;
  • Alignment of tables has been improved; and
  • Resolved an issue, where if, the employee only had an Employer Paid line, the table would distort.

If you have a custom payslip template, the issue with deductions not accurately displaying has been resolved in your template.

3. Taxation Pay Items showing in Employee Additions/Deduction modal will now include any Pay Item with the term “Additional” in its description.

4. Project Manager Commence/Cease Dates being observed

This is based on time of submission as well as commencement and cease dates. i.e. if a timesheet or leave application is submitted retrospectively with the date falling within the commencement and cease dates of a previous Project Manager, it will still go to the most current Project Manager.

5. Accrual Balance shown in the Termination Modal on Term

If terminating an employee within the same pay period, the accrual balance shown will be inclusive of accruals & bookings that occurred within the pay run.

6. Roster Shift Validation accepts the Allow All shift type

Where an employee has been assigned the Allow All shift type in their Role, all shift assignments in the roster will be allowed.

7. Minimum ($450/month) and Maximum (Maximum Contribution Base) Superannuation thresholds will be taken into account when producing a Manual Pay Run

We highly recommend you open a pay run for the last published pay period dates to assess whether any backpay will be calculated. If there is backpay being calculated you will need to determine whether the amounts have already been paid via a manual edit and if so, the backpay calculation will need to be removed.

8. Update to our STP message when Definitiv fails to get a response from the ATO when you have made a lodgement.

In these circumstances, you will need to check directly with the ATO first before you click Relodge. The Relodge button should only be clicked if the ATO has advised the file was not received.

9. Pay Methods Summary PDF Report total will not include Not Paid by EFT amounts.

10. Resolved edge case where a Pay Item General Ledger code was not updating in the PDF General Ledger report.

11. Updated the default permissions on the Employee Role to remove the global access to View Organisation Chart and Timesheet Custom Fields.

12. Archived Pay items can no longer be selected in the Additions/Deductions screen on an employee’s record.

13. Termination Reason will be removed when and if a termination record is removed.

14. Department records with cease dates in the past will no longer incorrectly update an employee’s termination date.

15. Withdrawn and Rejected Leave applications will no longer calculate estimated units on the Leave Applications and Leave Approvals grid reports. Previously, when estimated units were calculated for Withdrawn and Rejected applications, it potentially caused Approved applications on the same day to display as 0. This was due to the Award Policy capping the maximum hours payable per day.

16. Estimated Units was including manual edits from other accrual type cash outs, where costing is set to proportion over the pay period. This column will no longer be restricted to only display the units where the accrual type matches the leave application.

17. A True/False custom field will have a default value of false assigned.

iOS App V1.10

1. Loading time on past approvals has been reduced.

2. New Roster creation also displays day of the week.

3. Timesheet/Work Schedule duration now takes breaks into account.

4. Rejection reason is now mandatory when rejecting a Timesheet/Leave Application.

5. Withdrawing a Timesheet/Leave Application no longer requires a reason to be entered.

Android App V1.3

1. Fixed edge case which was preventing some users from submitting Timesheets.

2. Improved search performance and loading time of the Team Listing.

iOS TimeClock App V1.11

Fixed an edge on older iPads where the background colour did not default on Leave Applications, causing the fields to look “blank”.