New Features

Payroll V1.32

1. 2020 public holidays

The 2020 national and state-based public holidays have been added to Definitiv.

What do you need to do?

  • Once the public holidays have been released, please review all your locations that have had public holidays assigned to them. Public holidays will automatically be linked to a location, if locations were kept in the standardised format.
  • Delete any public holidays your organisation does not observe.
  • Manually add in any regional public holidays your organisation does observe.
  • The ‘Friday before the AFL Grand Final’ public holiday has not been added, as it is subject to the AFL schedule being released. Once gazetted you will need to manually add this public holiday in, if observed by your organisation.

Additional Information:

  • If you have already manually entered your 2020 public holidays, Definitiv will not add any public holidays that match the same date and location of the ones already in the platform.
  • If employees have already booked leave for the next calendar year, the estimated leave calculation will be automatically reduced and no action needs to be taken by you or your employee/s.

2. Team Variance action buttons

Edit, Approve and Reject buttons have been added to the individual view on the Team Variance page, enabling users to easily navigate to different screens to update and approve timesheets and/or leave applications.

Team Variance Buttons

The buttons will display dynamically based on the permissions assigned to the user.

Please note, only the direct approvers will see these new buttons. If you have permission to approve on behalf of another user, you will need to continue using the Pending Requests page.

Android App V2.6

1. A Daily Digest landing page has been introduced and displays all pending items for review and action. The Daily Digest page will show on launch when opening the app from a push notification. It can also be accessed from the left-hand side menu.

2. When weak or no internet connectivity is detected, users will now be prompted with a request to either retry the connection or go offline.

3. To make it easier to find the right option, the timesheet now has search functionality on project, role, location, department, shift type and work order fields with more than eight options available.

Under the Hood

Payroll V1.32

1. Work schedules displayed on the Team Timesheets page will be ordered by start and finish times or if duration based; alphabetically by the project.

2. A clearer error message will be displayed to the user when a timesheet is missing an assigned location, department, project and/or role.

3. The estimated leave hours in the Pending Requests page has been rounded to two decimal places.

4. The correct status will be displayed in all leave application emails.

5. The ATO category ‘Not Recorded on Payment Summary’ has been updated to ‘Not Reported’. This change in wording will have no impact on any other process.

6. The pay run line import process will be rejected if the costing date detected is 30/12/1899. This date appears automatically in the import spreadsheet when no costing date has been specified by the user.

7. Manual line items will be cleared if the applicable employee has been removed from the pay run.

8. Resolved an issue where the bank split validation was not performing correctly. Please note, any bank split value; percentage or fixed amount must be greater than ‘0’. If an employee no longer wishes to have a bank split, the bank account must be removed.

9. Resolved an edge case where ceasing a work schedule for an employee which has been updated or replaced by a roster would cause leave applications for that employee to reprocess for payment.

10. Leave movements will not be calculated on pay runs where the pay period dates are earlier than the latest published pay run. For example, if the latest published pay period is from 1/11/2019 to 14/11/2019 and you open a new pay run where the pay period dates are from 17/10/23019 to 31/10/2019, leave movements will not be calculated.

11. Year to date values on a payslip preview will include the current pay run amounts.

12. The division filter in the Organisation Chart will be retained when the show archived positions and show terminated employees checkboxes are selected.

iOS App V2.11

1. The menu shown when viewing a team member via Team Listing has been updated to only show the options a user has permission to access.

2. The Quick Links selection list has been updated to only show the options available to a user based on their permissions.

3. The Leave and Team Leave screens now only display the “Apply for Leave” button for users with the permission to submit leave on that employee’s behalf.

4. The Definitiv extension in iMessage will no longer include terminated employees in the Team Listing.

Android App V2.6

1. Timesheets that finish past midnight will now show the finish time as on “The Following Day“.

2. Performance has been improved for users in companies with hundreds of work order tasks.

3. Resolved an issue that stopped users from being able to select the relation field on the Emergency Contact screen.