Payroll V1.30

  1. Team Variance Report

Introducing the new report; Team Variance, which is accessible in the My Team section of Definitiv.

The Team Variance report compares the total scheduled hours against the actual hours worked by your team members over a specified date range.


  • The ability to report on date ranges of up to 31 days.
  • The column containing actual hours contains the scheduled shift information if an employee is not set up on mandatory timesheets. This will give managers the ability to see if overtime will be payable based on the projected worked shifts.
  • The ability to click into an individual day to see the breakdown of events within that day.
  • A blue public holiday indicator.
  • A green leave indicator.
  • The ability to view notes on both rosters and timesheets easily.
  • The ability to filter by projects and roles; based on what is assigned to an employee on their master record.
  • The ability to filter by employee names, similar to grid reporting behaviour.

iOS App V2.10

  1. A Daily Digest landing page has been introduced and displays all pending actions. The Daily Digest page will show on launch when opening the app from a push notification.
  2. When weak or no internet connectivity is detected, the user will be prompted with a request to either retry connection or dismiss.


Payroll V1.30

    1. Fixed the issue where TimeClock events in a timesheet would not show in the correct timezone.
    2. Timesheets and other events will always show the time as when the events were captured as per the user’s specified timezone.

iOS App V2.10

  1. Resolved an issue where the app would close if the quick links configured by a user were linked to features the user no longer had permission to access.