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Payroll V1.28

1. A new pay item category; Reimbursement has been introduced.

As mentioned in the last release notes, if you have checked the Reimbursement checkbox on a pay item, it will be automatically be transitioned to the new Reimbursement pay item category. If you have not yet checked the Reimbursement checkbox on your applicable pay items, we suggest actioning this before the release tonight.

In-line with the new pay item category, the Reimbursement pay item has either been added as a field and/or column to the below reports and documents:

  • PDF Payroll Report
  • PDF Comparison Detail
  • PDF Pay Item Totals
  • PDF Employees by Pay Items
  • Employee Payslips

2. Document Folders

For better administration, you can now categorise Organisation Documents and Employee Documents into user-definable folders.

3. Employee Compliance update (BETA RELEASE ONLY)
A Team Compliance grid report has been added to Employee Reporting. This report allows users to customise and filter their employee compliance records for greater visibility.

The Employee Compliance module is currently only released to our Beta clients. Full details and the official release will occur over the next few months. If you would like to receive more information, please email

iOS App V2.9

1. The Personal TimeClock will now show the user’s nearest address when they register an event.

Android App V2.5

1. Users now have the ability to upload device logs when instructed by the support team at Definitiv. This will provide the development team with more information to assist with diagnosing any potential issues in the app.

2. Users can now provide their feedback and suggestions about the app via the settings menu.


Payroll V1.28

1. On pages with address fields, Google Maps will now only display when clicking on the downward arrow symbol next to the address field.

2. Pending roster entries will no longer be included in the daily digest communication, if the roster has been updated to ‘Not Require Employee Acceptance’. If the dates for the roster entries have elapsed, they will also not be included in the daily digest. Historical pending roster entries will continue to be available in the Pending Requests section.

3. Work schedules and roster entries will now be sorted by start time in the Daily Dashboard.

4. Performance has been improved to support the upload of 1000’s of timesheets via the timesheet upload functionality.

5. The ability to scroll across has been introduced in the pay run selector when creating a new superannuation batch.

6. Superannuation refunds will now only show in the refund tab of the superannuation batch. All other error messages will be now be shown in the notifications tab.

7. The STP End of Year submission will filter out employees who are paid only on pay calendars set as ‘Not to Lodge to ATO‘.

iOS App V2.9

1. Introduced a Show Current/Show All filter for superannuation.

2. The dashboard organisation switcher that allows you to switch between organisations has been moved to the bottom of the screen.