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Payroll V1.27

1. Employee Compliance Module (BETA RELEASE ONLY)

Features and Capabilities

  • Be able to configure custom notifications and timelines for each individual compliance requirement (i.e. qualifications, visas, licences and more).
  • Assign compliance requirements to projects and roles.
  • Receive automated reminders of compliance items that have expired or due to expire soon in the new and improved Daily Digest.
  • View compliance items by projects, roles or by compliance type in a new compliance section.
  • Easy to access reports available on both the iOS and Android apps for viewing compliance requirements on-the-go.

To make way for the new module being completed, you will note that ‘Qualifications’ and ‘Qualification Types’ have been renamed respectively to ‘Compliance Records’ and ‘Compliance Types’.

The Employee Compliance Module is currently only released to our Beta clients. Full details and the official release will occur over the next few months – watch this space!

2. Daily Digest update

Daily Digest communications will now include any outstanding leave approvals.


Payroll V1.27

  1. Leave entries shown in the timesheet calendar will now include any manual edits that were made within a pay run. For example, if you manually reduced the number of units calculated in the pay run for a leave entry, the hours shown in the leave entry within the calendar will be the reduced amount. Please be aware, this will only occur if you edit the leave entry. If you instead add a negative line item in the pay run, then it will not merge.
  2. Webhooks will now be fired when updating data using the workbook upload facility.
  3. Copying a provision policy will now also copy any employees included within the Applicable Employees field of the original version.
  4. Shift entries within a roster will now be sorted by time of day, with earlier starting shifts shown first in both the Team Rosters screen and in PDF generated reports.
  5. The SuperStream category names on the Pay Items report (under the Company Reporting section) have been updated to match the names shown within the pay items themselves.
  6. When utilising the change duties function on the TimeClock, the change duties event will appear in the Daily Dashboard as a pending event, displaying the time it occurred. This action will also close out the previous timesheet.
  7. The issue causing TimeClock events on a timesheet to incorrectly show the additional (+1 day) parameter, if the event was after 4.00 pm but prior to midnight, has now been fixed.
  8. The processing performance of STP reports has been improved.
  9. Annual Statements will now open as a PDF in a new browser tab, instead of automatically downloading.

iOS App V2.8

  1. Accrual types (i.e. leave type) with longer names are now better supported in the Leave Applications and Leave Calendar screens, so the full name of an accrual type is shown.
  2. Biometric authentication (i.e. fingerprint and facial authentication) has been updated on the Roster Detail or Team Dashboard screen. If enabled, the user will be forced to use biometric authentication when reopening the Definitiv app after it had been minimised while on these screens.
  3. Updated issue where having the search bar active was causing the app to close when the side menu was then opened.

Android App V2.4

  1. Active push notifications are now cleared when a user opens the app.