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Payroll V1.26

Tax File Number Declaration

  1. All existing Tax File Number (TFN) declarations at the time of upgrade will be marked as Lodged Externally and will not be transmitted to the ATO.
  2. New declarations added after this release with a status of Not Lodged will be processed in the next available STP pay run lodgement the employee is included in.
  3. Declarations will transition from having commence and cease dates to only having an effective date. You will be unable to apply a declaration for an effective date before the effective date of an already lodged declaration.
  4. Changes can only be made on declarations which are in the status; Not Lodged. Declarations will remain in the Not Lodged status when a pay run is in draft mode.
  5. A new Employee Tax Declarations report is available in Reporting > Employee Reporting.
  6. The TFN declaration ‘basis of payment’ codes are automatically populated from what is assigned to an employment type in Admin > Configuration.

Single Touch Payroll Submissions

  1. Definitiv has changed its Sending Service Provider from Ozedi to Beam. All pay run and EOFY STP lodgements will now go through Beam.
  2. Notifications will now be sent if your STP file fails the pre-submission validation checks.
  3. You are now able to manually re-lodge an EOFY for a previously successful final event. The manually re-lodge option should only be used if you had incorrectly reported a pay item under an incorrect ATO category. If you need to adjust monetary figures, you will need to process and publish an adjustment pay run as per the usual process. Then the EOFY lodgement will be updated to the ‘Out of Date’ status and you will be able to re-lodge your final event.

Important Changes

  1. On new employee setup, a TFN Pending declaration will no longer be automatically assigned on their master record. Please be mindful that the absence of a TFN declaration on an employee’s record will result in the employee being taxed at the highest rate as a resident. As per the ATO guidelines, if no declaration has been received after 14 days, lodge a No TFN Quoted declaration as the payer. This can be actioned by selecting No on the signature present field of the TFN declaration in Definitiv.
  2. If an employee has stated in the TFN declaration that they have applied to the ATO for a new or existing TFN, a No TFN Quoted signed declaration will be created on the 29th day after the employee’s hired date, if no TFN has been provided.

What do I need to do?

  1. In order to utilise Beam STP you will need to accept the terms within Admin > Organisation Details > ATO Details > Beam STP Lodgements. For more information on STP lodgements through Beam, please see Beam’s STP privacy guide.
  2. Make sure all your employment types have a basis of payment assigned. The Not Specified option should only be assigned to non-paid employment types. If a TFN declaration is assigned to an employee with a not specified basis of payment, it will fail a pre-submission validation check.


  1. A reimbursement checkbox has been introduced on the pay item modal. By checking this box, it will automatically deselect the salary and wages checkbox. This will be used as a transition to the creation of a reimbursement pay item category in the future, i.e. any pay items marked as reimbursement will automatically be transferred to the new reimbursement pay item category, once developed.
  2. Custom field data on pay items will flow through to the Pay Runs Grid report. You will be able to use this data to group and sum different pay items.


Payroll V1.26

  1. An indicator will display if there are more employee records than the employee selector is able to display.
  2. Post-tax deductions will no longer deduct from foreign gross earnings in STP submissions and lodgement.
  3. Total package paid hours ratio has been updated to align with changes in the recent superannuation rewrite. Please note, this only impacts total package calculations in the Award.
  4. Duplicate employee lines had appeared in STP reports in rare scenarios. Logic has been strengthened to ensure this does not occur in the future.
  5. Fixed an edge case where errors were occurring in some situations when trying to calculate a manual pay run.
  6. Validation on award rule errors will not occur when updating the date fields on already published award versions. However, the validation process will continue to be undertaken when publishing a new award version.
  7. Accrual Movements will now show again in the PDF Payroll Report.
  8. Boosted logic has been added to prohibit multiple users from publishing the same pay run at the same time.
  9. An incorrect super error message will no longer display when an employee has no super contributions and the resulting pay items are non-superable.
  10. On creation, a superannuation batch will be validated against the Organisation ID. This is to prevent a superannuation batch from being incorrectly created in a different organisation when multiple organisations are opened in different browser tabs at the same time when the batch is being created.
  11.  An end date preceding a start date will no longer be accepted when generating a manual pay run.

iOS App V2.7

  1. Employment history will now be displayed on the My Details section.
  2. The search bar no longer disappears when navigating between pending and past approvals.
  3. Timesheet approvals will now include information on how the timesheet was generated, i.e. manually entered or via TimeClock.
  4. TimeClock will dynamically show only the appropriate menus available to the user rather than showing non-applicable options as greyed out.

Android App V2.3.2

  1. The work schedule will no longer show an employee on leave when the application has been withdrawn.
  2. Fixed the issue where payslips were showing in the incorrect financial year.