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Payroll V1.25

1. Contractor/ABN personnel under the Business and Personal Services Income conditions can be reported via the STP File. This allows payment and taxation pay items to be configured with the relevant ATO Categories, and any earnings and tax under those pay items will be reported to the ATO, via STP, within the appropriate categories.

Employees reporting under these conditions will require an ABN to be populated on their record – this can now be specified within the employee’s Tax Information tab. This field is only enabled once the Labour Hire/Voluntary Agreement pay items have been configured with the accurate ATO Category.

Note: If an employee is only reporting under an ABN and has not provided a TFN, ATO requirements mandate that you must setup a Tax Declaration using the ‘No TFN Quoted’ option.

2. Payslips downloaded within a draft pay run now shows leave balances correct as if the pay run had been published. This means that the draft payslip viewed will match the final payslip after publishing the pay run.

3. When creating superannuation batches, previous pay runs that have no unremitted transactions, will no longer be shown. With the introduction of the new Super Adjustment Pay Items, along with any created at a Client level, this will assist to clear up old clutter that is not relevant.


Payroll V1.25

1. Improved performance of the pay run listing screen; now loads all relevant pay runs faster.

2. Blank employee bank account BSBs or account numbers were causing the audit report to not load. This has been resolved.

3. Project Manager permissions no longer grant permission for historical employees. If an employee ceases being assigned to a project as of a specific date, the manager of that project will no longer have any relevant Project Manager based permissions for that employee after the cease date.

4. Employee Additions/Deductions will allow entry of negative units.