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Payroll V1.24

1. Super calculation refactor (effective from FY 2019/20)

This update includes;

  • The Maximum Superannuation Contribution Base (MSCB) and Super Guarantee (SG) Criteria have been updated to reflect the payment date rather than the accrued date;
  • Clearer adjustments are to be shown when the MSCB has been reached or the SG Criteria has not been met; and
    Improvements to percentage based pre-tax and post-tax contributions.

We will be sending out a separate communication on Monday 24 June 2019 with more in-depth detail about the superannuation refactor.

2. Timesheet custom fields can now be configured to automate a pay calculation

To add a pay calculation based custom field to your company’s timesheets, you will need to update the relevant award policies with the custom field’s respective rate. Examples of custom field pay calculations you could automate are kilometre reimbursements and adhoc allowance payments. Please note, you will need to consider any auto-approval rules you currently have in place for timesheets before applying this feature in your company.

If you require assistance with this, please log a consulting request through the Definitiv Help Desk portal.

3. Custom Fields have been added to the pay items configuration

This functionality will allow you to group or sum certain pay items together in custom reports.

Android App V2.1.1

1. Personal TimeClock

The Personal TimeClock is now available on the Definitiv Android app.

Whether your employees are out in the field, on-the-go, or are required to submit multiple timesheets per day, the new Personal TimeClock will make the time and attendance process more seamless.

The Personal TimeClock will also allow for more accurate labour costing.

Enabling the Personal TimeClock

Follow the below steps if you have not yet already done so for your iPhone users.

To enable your employees to use the Personal TimeClock;

  1. Go to User Roles;
  2. Click View (on the applicable user role);
  3. Scroll down to the Timesheets & Leave section; and
  4. Enable the Submit TimeClock Events permission.

iOS App V2.6

1. To prevent the loss of unsaved data, a prompt will now display if you navigate away from a screen when changes haven’t been saved.


Payroll V1.24

1. The award rule ‘Reduce by Task Hours’ in award policies has been extended to allow you to nominate only specific tasks that can reduce from the timesheet hours.

2. The post-processor in award policies has been extended to calculate negative unit calculations.

3. Introduced validation to prevent duplicate project names from being saved. Please review your projects and either delete or rename projects with the same name.

4. Introduced a loading spinner on the verify function in the payrun, so you can see it is still processing.

5. Payrun calculation page has been updated to not display a ‘Successful Recalculation’ message for other users who are also viewing the payrun calculation screen.

6. Resolved an issue where a Timeclock generated timesheet could not be updated due to a break being automatically applied to the timesheet that had both a start/finish time and duration time.

7. Improved the performance of the Accrual Liability grid report.

8. Notifications will not be sent to terminated Default Approvers.

9. Instances, where the employee balance line table had been corrupted is now resolved. The issue may have caused incorrect leave balances from a payrun published after 29/05/2019. The databases affected had the table recreated and payslips were regenerated.

10. Cases, where push notifications that were not working properly, and where they were affecting badge counts (or the number of requests waiting for review) has been corrected.

iOS App V2.6

1. Quick Links are now saved on a per-user basis and will automatically sync and display on their other devices.

2. An organisation change button has been added to the dashboard to make it easier and quicker to change between organisations.

3. Improvements have been made to the Personal TimeClock map zoom feature to make selected events clearer on the map.

4. If multiple events of the same type (i.e. clock on) have been recorded due to loss of internet connectivity, the data in the events log will be combined to prevent duplicated events.

5. Push notification navigation will direct you to the screen relevant to the notification rather than just the dashboard.

Android App V2.2.1

1. Timesheets created for start/finish based schedules will discard the duration on submission, if inadvertently received.

iOS TimeClock App V2.3.3

1. The TimeClock will now automatically pad leading zeros for the employee number, i.e. 000100 can now be entered as 100.