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Payroll V1.23

1. 2019/20 Financial Year tax scales and thresholds

The 2019/20 Financial Year tax scales and thresholds have now been added to Definitiv. Please note, these new scales and thresholds will only come into effect when a pay run is created with a payment date on or after 1 July 2019.

Information on the updates;

  • HELP and SFSS have been updated to the new, combined Study and Training Support Loans tax brackets.
  • The Maximum Superannuation Contributions Base (MSCB) has been updated to $5,250.65 per quarter for superannuation paid. This amount equates to 9.5% of the $55,270 superable earnings.
  • Redundancy tax-free limit has been updated to $10,638 for the first year of service and $5,320 for subsequent years of service.
  • ETP Cap has been increased to $210,000.

2. Improved payrun and backpay engine performance

The payrun and backpay engine has been refactored to improve performance. Expect calculation times to increase by 50% or more.

3. Updated primary assignment logic

Primary assignment logic has been updated to select the most appropriate primary costing option when timesheets or work schedules refer to ‘Use Primary Costing’.
Please note, any overlapping assignments marked as “Primary” projects, locations, departments and/or roles may be affected. Our Support Team would have already communicated with you if this has affected any of your employees.

4. Shared bank accounts

A shared bank accounts section has been added to the PDF Audit Report.

This new section helps users identify fraudulent activity by detecting if any employee records have the same bank account assigned. It can help identify current and historical shared bank accounts, as well as shared bank accounts across multiple entities.

iOS App V2.5

1. All timesheets generated through the Personal TimeClock will show the GPS coordinates of the clock on/off location on a map:


Payroll V1.23

1. Partially paid leave applications will now display the remaining unpaid estimated leave hours in the Approved Leave After column.

2. The PDF Payroll report will no longer show $0 line items. Lines with nil units or $0 rates will be hidden.

3. The Pay Runs grid report now obeys pay item roll-up modes when using the ‘Per Pay Run’ aggregation mode.

4. The Payroll Analysis report now shows the correct hire and termination date when showing employees with multiple hire, terminate, and rehire records.

5. The award rule builder now displays validation errors when a user attempts to save an award with invalid rules.

6. Extended the ‘Reduce by Task Hours’ option in the award rule builder to allow users to multi-select tasks rather than having to apply this option on all tasks. If you already have this configured in your award, the behaviour will not be changed as by default this option is set as “All Tasks”

7. In the situation whereby a shift type is used within a TimeClock change duties event and then that shift type is deleted from Definitiv, the generated timesheet will now require manual intervention when sent for approval.

8. When changing organisations within reporting, the active report will be maintained. Previously, switching organisations would result in the user being navigated back to the reporting homepage.

9. The Timesheets API now prevents sending both start/finish and duration times (an error will be returned).

10. Validation has been applied to the following file extensions when uploading photos into Definitiv;

  • .jpg
  • .png
  • .bmg

iOS App V2.5

1. Added a warning message when a bank account BSB does not match any known banks. The entered BSB will still be accepted but the message acts as a prompt for the user to review the BSB to make sure it is correct.

2. Improved performance of all screens that show employee profile pictures, especially when an employee has had a very large image uploaded.