iOS App V2.4

1. The Bypass iBeacon Check

To enable specific employees to use the Personal TimeClock outside of the range of an iBeacon, we have created a new permission; ByPass iBeacon Check.

Follow these steps to enable this permission;

  1. Go to User Roles;
  2. Click View (on the applicable user role) or click New Authorisation Role;
  3. Scroll down to the Timesheets & Leave section;
  4. Enable the Bypass iBeacon Check permission; and
  5. If you have created a new user role, go and assign to the relevant employee/s.


Payroll V1.22

1. Average Earnings Calculation

Effective 1 June 2019, the method of calculation for average earnings, used for marginally taxed payments, has been updated. The updated method now includes the current pay earnings within the calculation and accommodates to employees with multiple employment periods within the same financial year.

Please Note: If you have already opened a pay, where the pay period end date is greater than 1 June 2019 and have marginal taxed payments, we recommend you recalculate.

For more information, download our calculation for average earnings here.

2. The sort order of the pay run grid on the Pay Run Details screen and PDF Payslip production will be alphabetical, based on an employee’s surname.

3. PDF Audit Summary report will display results only when the transaction in the relevant section, i.e. Employee Addition or Deductions, has been allocated a cease date. Previously, the report would not show this change.

4. Introduced validation to prevent empty or duplicate information from being saved on the following fields:


  • Project Work Order
  • Task
  • Role
  • Location
  • Department
  • Employment Type
  • Qualification
  • Shift Type
  • Pay Calendar
  • Hire Reason Termination
  • Usual Place of Residence
  • Holiday Configuration
  • Pay Policy
  • Leave Policy
  • Award Policy
  • Provision Policy
  • Work Schedule


  • Emergency Contacts

5. Validation now occurs on the cashout pay item selected, if the pay item is mapped to the payments section in accrual types.

6. Providing a description to a roster template is now mandatory.

7. The permission, Submit TimeClock Events, has been updated to Submit Personal TimeClock Events, as this permission relates only to the Personal TimeClock.

8. The speed and performance of running the PDF Project Reconciliation Report have been improved

iOS TimeClock App V2.3.2

1. The performance on the Employee Listing screen has been improved to prevent employee records with large profile images from slowing down the TimeClock.