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Payroll V1.20

1. The new Definitiv logo has been added to the web application and system generated emails, i.e. Daily Digest. Please note, if you have a custom payslip, the old Definitiv logo will be removed and the new logo will be dynamically added to the footer of the template.

2. A new grid report called; Employee Additions & Deductions is now available in reporting within the Employee Reporting section. Using the From Date and To Date fields, you can report on the active additions and deductions over specific date ranges. The below image illustrates the information shown in the report.

3. A timesheet that has been costed to a project with a mandatory work order field, that hasn’t been populated, will show as an issue on the Timesheet Approvals screen. The timesheet cannot be approved until the work order has been supplied.

4. A percentage progress status is now shown when a payrun is calculating or recalculating.

iOS App V2.4

1. Access to the Personal TimeClock can be controlled by an iBeacon

In the last release, we introduced the Personal TimeClock. To help control the use of the Personal TimeClock, we have introduced the pairing of this functionality with an iBeacon. This feature is optional but if enabled, access to the Personal TimeClock will be controlled by the use of an iBeacon.

What is an iBeacon?

An iBeaon is a device that emits a Bluetooth signal allowing smart devices within range to perform specific actions.

In the case of the Definitiv iOS app, once an employee is within range of the iBeacon, they can access and use the Personal TimeClock. For example, an employee can only use the Personal TimeClock when in the office. Once out of range the Personal TimeClock is no longer accessible on the app.

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Payroll V1.20

1. The bulk timesheet import now validates the work orders against the relevant projects, in addition to checking whether the work order is mandatory.

2. Partial day entries on a leave application will clear if the start and/or end dates are changed from the original start or end dates selected. This will help prevent partial days previously selected, that now fall outside of the new defined leave date range, from being included in the application.

3. A Close button has been introduced as an additional option on the message pop-up once a leave application has been successfully submitted.

4. Timesheet entry for a non-worked public holiday has been restricted to one per day.

5. Enforced logic has been introduced where an employee is assigned to the same role with two different custom pay policies. The logic will automatically give precedence to the role with the primary pay policy assigned to it.

6. Due to the issues of sizing on export, the PDF export option has been removed from all grid reports.

7. An edge case where you may have been requested to re-enter your 2FA token within the 24-hour period, if you had been timed out twice, has been addressed.