Payroll V1.18

1. Mandatory work orders

Introducing the option to configure work orders as mandatory at a project level.

How do I set it up?

This can be enabled by navigating to Structure > Projects > Work Orders and then selecting the Mandatory Work Orders checkbox.

By turning this option on, work orders will need to be assigned when entering a timesheet or changing duties on the TimeClock.

Will it impact our current setup?

Clocking onto the TimeClock without using change duties will create a timesheet containing the employee’s default work order on their primary project. If their primary project is set up as requiring mandatory work orders, and the employee does not have a default work order setup, then the timesheet created will be marked as invalid and will always be sent to their manager to be manually corrected.

Also when enabling mandatory work orders on existing projects, it will impact all historical timesheets assigned to these projects. This means if a previously saved timesheet does not have a work order specified, you will get a validation error when attempting to edit that historical timesheet; until a work order is selected.

2. Configuring STP allowance types on individual pay items

You now have the ability to configure STP allowance types on individual pay items within the pay item configuration.

To configure, go to Admin > Structure > Pay Items.

What is the purpose of STP allowance types?

This new setting controls how allowances are to be reported to the ATO within the STP PayEvent file. All existing allowances have been assigned as Allowances – Other.

As STP events overwrite the previous submission, you can update the pay item configuration without processing anything in a payrun. Any terminated employees will be transmitted to the ATO in the STP Final event.

iOS TimeClock App V2.3

  1. The ability to quickly update your employees’ registered tags has been added as a 3D Touch Shortcut. To access, you will need to press down hard on the TimeClock app icon. The Update Employee feature will appear in the drop-down and will take you to the Employee Listing page on the TimeClock app. This feature is only available on devices which support 3D Touch (iPhone 6S upwards). It is not currently supported on iPads.
  2. Updated the reprovisioning login screen to match the existing login screen for consistency purposes.
  3. Added support for mandatory work orders. This forces any employees clocking on or using the Change Duties feature to select a work order if their project has been configured with mandatory work orders.


Payroll V1.18

  1. Updates to improve the usefulness of the STP payrun report;
    1. The Validated column has been removed as this column was being perceived as a lodgement being successfully submitted; rather than the data being successfully validated in preparation for STP lodgement
    2. Added an STP Lodgement Status column. This new column shows whether the STP lodgement was successful or contained errors.
  2. Update to improve the usefulness of the STP YTD report;
    1. Updated the Validated column to Ready to Submit. This new Ready to Submit column will indicate any issues our pre-validation check has detected that must be resolved prior to submitting the lodgement.
  3. TimeClock events will always display in the local time the event was created in, instead of changing the timing of TimeClock events to the local time of a user reviewing the events. For example, an employee clocking in from WA will record the events in WST, therefore when a manager in EST logs in, they will still see the events in WST.
  4. When creating a super pay item, the ATO Category field will remain blank until you have selected whether it is an employer or employee contribution, preventing the incorrect ATO category from being assigned.
  5. The Timesheet API will return an error if both the start/finish times and the duration fields have been populated. Only one or the other can be sent.
  6. A recent Chrome browser update was auto filling saved email addresses in date fields of the New Employee modal. Whilst this change was introduced by Chrome, we have been able to update Definitiv to bypass this and stop it from occurring in the future.
  7. Resolved the issue where the notes column in the Timesheet and Time Attendance reports was overlapping with the filter select drop down option.
  8. Resolved an issue where there was up to a 15-minute delay from creating a user account to being able to login with that account and see the employee information.
  9. Validation errors are now always displayed when no leave reason is selected on a new leave application form.

Android App V2.2.1

  1. Either the start and finish time or duration of a timesheet task will be sent to create the timesheet, not both. Previously, when sending both, the duration would take precedence, even if the timesheet was based on start and finish times.
  2. Previously, when submitting a timesheet with a slow internet connection, this potentially resulted in old data being submitted if the employee had changed the project. Now, once a new project is selected you will not be able to make any changes and/or submit if the data is still loading.

TimeClock App V2.3

  1. When reprovisioning a TimeClock device, the domain will not be saved if the login was not successful. It will default back to the originally recorded domain.