iOS App V2.2

The Waze app is now compatible with the Definitiv iOS app. In the settings menu, define your directions application of preference. By pressing on the location icon on an address within the Definitiv iOS app, the address will open on a map in your selected application.

TimeClock App V2.12

A Back button has been introduced on the Register New Tag page to enable users to quickly go back to an employee’s Registered Tags when they have accidentally tried to assign a new tag.


Payroll V1.17

  1. Leave Applications for dates prior to the go-live date will not show in the Approved Leave Before column in any of the Accrual Balance tables throughout the platform.
  2. A ? denotes forgotten TimeClock events. When an employee has either forgotten to clock on or clock off on the TimeClock, the forgotten TimeClock action will be represented with a ‘?’ on the Daily Dashboard screen.
  3. A ! denotes timesheets requiring action. On the Daily Dashboard, timesheets that require action will have an ‘!’ showing.
  4. Timezones are now catered for in the Daily Dashboard.
  5. Support has been added to the Work Orders tab within a project set up, to allow for work orders with hundreds of work order tasks assigned to them to load quickly on the screen.
  6. The on-screen error message displayed when a user has attempted to upload an incorrect file type in the Import Line Items function, within a pay run, has been updated to be more descriptive. The Line Items import only supports .txt and .csv files.
  7. Strengthened the logic in which a redundancy payment is associated with an employment period. Definitiv will now use the costing date of a redundancy payment to find the appropriate employment period when calculating the tax-free thresholds. This will cater for scenarios such as an employee being made redundant and then rehired within the same pay period.​
  8. Fixed Additions/Deductions will default to prorating the additions and/or deductions to calendar days, if the active pay calendar is set to calculate on scheduled days, and the employee has no work schedule assigned. A warning message is produced in the pay run when this calculation occurs. Please note, this may induce a backpay calculation if this scenario has occurred in your system.
  9. Characters not accepted by the ATO will be automatically removed from the STP file prior to transmission. For example, the name Björn would be converted to Bjorn as the ö character is not accepted by the ATO. This will not impact your STP figures.
  10. Projected leave balances will now display in the Termination modal even when there is a pay run published for the same pay period dates.
  11. Multiple manual payruns for the same period start and end date can now be added without a calculation error occurring.
  12. When typing the name of an employee in the Select Employee field on the Team Timesheets page, letters will no longer start disappearing on entry.
  13. Resolved an issue which caused the Accrual Management report to not produce results in some scenarios.

iOS App V2.2

  1. Timesheet entry performance has been improved for users who are selecting a project with many work order tasks assigned to it.

TimeClock App V2.2

  1. Timezones will be supported for offline TimeClock events.
  2. Timezone information is now submitted with each TimeClock event to the Definitiv web application.