Payroll V1.16

Pay Runs grid report

To allow querying over a more extended period of time in the Pay Runs grid report, we have introduced a new report type; Per Pay Run.

Previously, the report only functioned on a Per Date mode and showed every transaction, down to the individual date.

The new Per Pay Run option allows you to aggregate the different pay items on a per pay run basis; where the costing components (location, role, department and project) are the same.

Selecting the Per Pay Run type

You can choose to view the report as either Per Date or Per Pay Run by selecting the applicable check box under; Report Type, a new option located at the top of the Pay Runs report screen.

iOS App V2.1

  1. New login screen: The login screen has been updated to make it more user-friendly.
  2. Daily Dashboard: You can now access your Daily Dashboard on the go. Use the filter option to customise how much information you want to view. Filtering options include; costing, direct reports and variances.
  3. Leave & Unavailability History: The Leave History graph has been updated to Leave & Unavailability History, so as to also include past dates and date ranges that were marked as unavailable.
  4. On this Date: The On this Date section of an expanded Leave Approval now includes any team unavailability for employees assigned a user role with the View Employee Availability permission.

Android App V2.1

  1. Dashboard redesign: The dashboard has been refreshed to include additional information, such as a public holiday indicator or notes (if applicable).
  2. TimeClock updates: The dashboard now displays your last registered TimeClock event. TimeClock events will only show up on the Dashboard if you have used the TimeClock on that day.
  3. Birthday notifier: On a team member’s birthday, a cake icon now shows up next to their name on the Team Listing screen to make it easier for a manager to keep on top of birthdays.

TimeClock App V2.1

  1. New login screen: The login screen has been updated to make it more user-friendly and easier to log in.
  2. New screensaver: The screensaver has been updated to be dynamic, so it looks consistent across all iOS devices.


Payroll V1.16

  1. Autoloading on grid reports is now disabled. To retrieve data please first select the desired parameters and then click on the Run Report button, located on the top right of the screen. To update; click Refresh Report, also located on the top right of the screen.
  2. Long service leave accrual paid out on termination, will reduce from entitled amounts initially. Once utilised, it will then reduce from the employee’s pro rata balance.
  3. The termination leave balance modal will incorporate any negative accruals calculated in the current pay run. For example, if you terminate an employee retrospectively and there is a reversal of ordinary time, the reversal of the accruals will be encompassed in the balance. Please note, you must calculate the reversal of the hours before the balance can be updated.
  4. Leave booked for retrospective dates, within previously processed periods, will display as approved leave until the next pay run is published and the leave has been processed.
  5. If an employee is assigned to multiple positions in the Organisation Chart and one of the Line Manager positions is vacant, it will now only send to the second level manager for the approval path which is vacant. Previously, it would send to all second level managers, regardless of whether the other line manager positions were vacant or not.
  6. The logic within the normalisation calculation when an employee changes work schedules during the pay period has been updated so it calculates correctly.
  7. Fixed amount employer super contributions will now process regardless of whether there are any other line items. Please note, if you do not have the setting, Always Process Super Guarantee Contribution enabled, then an employee will need to earn a minimum $450 earnings/month before the contribution will be applied.
  8. When editing a pay item within a pay run that has the roll-up mode set as Rate, the pay item will now open as a singular line instead of splitting out into multiple lines.
  9. The pay run status will return to an unverified state as soon as a recalculation is undertaken; even if there were no changes within the recalculation.
  10. The process of removing an employee from a pay run process has been strengthened to ensure there are no residual pay line items left.
  11. Minor cosmetic changes have been made to the Daily Dashboard.
  12. The ability to set the Manage Roster permission on a self-level has been removed.

Android App V2.1

  1. Currency to display as $, regardless of the language set on a user’s device.
  2. Payslips are now showing under the correct financial year.