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In alignment with the ATO’s requirements, two-factor authentication (2FA) is mandatory in Definitiv.

If your account requires 2FA but you have not yet set it up, you may not be able to access your account. Please check your account as soon as possible to make sure you are able to successfully log in.

Unable to log into Definitiv?

If you are unable to access your account, please first contact your system administrator. Your system administrator will have to send a 2FA reset email from the User Listing page.

If you are the system administrator for your organisation, have not completed the 2FA registration and there are no other registered system administrator users, please contact Definitiv Support on 1300 125 307 (Option 1) to have your 2FA reset.


Payroll V1.15

Roster Vacancies

The new Roster Vacancies feature shows upcoming vacant shifts, rejected shifts and pending shifts that may require actioning.

Setting up permission to access Roster Vacancies

Roster Vacancies is managed by its own permission setting. To allow a user role to have access to this feature, perform the following actions;

  1. Navigate to the User Roles page;
  2. Click View on the authorisation role you want the permission to be included;
  3. Scroll down to the Manage Roster Vacancies permission under the Timesheets & Leave section;
  4. Choose the level of access you want to allocate to this user role; and
  5. Click Save.

Having its own permission allows for cases where an employee is allowed to manage who is assigned to shifts but is not allowed to manage or edit rosters (ie. creating new shifts/editing start/finish times).

Access Roster Vacancies

This new feature is accessible via My Team → Rostering → Roster Vacancies.

Accrual History


The Accrual History report (under Accrual Reporting) now allows you to view the accrual history of up to 10 employees at once. The report layout has also been updated to our standard grid system (the same format as the majority of our reports).

Employee Details

Accrual History within an employee’s master record now supports sorting by column.


Payroll V1.15

  1. Large-sized logos have been reduced to a more reasonable size in the header of Definitiv emails. Organisational logos will be condensed to set dimensions and therefore will no longer appear over-sized.
  2. The payroll employee additions/deductions calculator will now always process additions first; before processing deductions. This workflow will ensure a deduction setup with ‘only process if other earnings exists’ will reliably work if any additions are added first.
  3. Organisations that lodge to the ATO with a WPN (rather than an ABN) will no longer receive error messages on lodgement, when their WPN contains spaces between the numbers.
  4. The period of service award engine rule will now work in backpay cases. This rule will now calculate the time between the hire date and the costing date in the pay run being processed; to generate the period of service. Previously, it would calculate the time between the hire date and the current date, which wasn’t always correct in backpay cases. Note, if you use this rule, this fix may cause backpay calculations to correct any previous incorrect transactions. Please note, our team will contact you directly if you are potentially impacted by this change.
  5. Fixed a bug where if an employee had entered multiple breaks for the exact same times within a single timesheet, it would cause the breaks not to load when viewing the timesheet in the Daily Summary screen.
  6. Resolved an issue where the Costing Strategy and Proportioning fields were not visible for pay items under the Payment tab.