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Payroll V1.11

1. Daily Dashboard

The new Daily Dashboard provides a daily overview of employees’ shifts for a respective day.

Accessible under the My Team section for managers and the Employees section for those with global level access, the new daily dashboard shows the following information for each day;

  • Scheduled shift(s);
  • Total hours of scheduled shift(s);
  • Actual times worked;
  • Total actual hours worked; and
  • Variance between scheduled and actual hours worked

From the Daily Dashboard screen, dependant on your permissions, you can add timesheets and leave applications for your employees, amend and approve pending timesheets and download a variance report.

For a full overview of the new Daily Dashboard, download our information sheet here.

2. Pay items report

A new Pay Items report has been added under the Company Reporting section. This report shows all configured pay items within your organisation.

3. Accrual history

You can now access an employee’s accrual history on their masterfile record under the new Accrual History tab, or via the Accrual History report under the Accrual Reporting section. This allows you to see the full history of selected leave types, including accruals and leave taken on an individual employee basis.

Definitiv Android App V1.7

1. My Availability

My Availability is now available in the Definitiv Android App.

Please note the following:

  • Partially available – to select yourself as partially available, press the + button twice.

2. Unavailable Dates

Under the new Unavailable Dates section, you can select the dates or periods, you are unavailable to work.

Definitiv iOS App V1.14

1. The work schedule section of the dashboard has been redesigned to make it more user-friendly. As part of the redesign, notes and a Public Holiday indicator have been added.

2. Location Services are now optional.

Previously, to use the iOS app, Definitiv required access to a user’s location. This is no longer a mandatory requirement.

To update your Location Services preference for the Definitiv app, on your device, go to Settings > Definitiv > Location.

3. You can now reject multiple timesheets at once in instances where all the timesheets selected have issues, i.e. Forgot to Clock Off.

4. You can now view the assigned costing (i.e. project, role, location and department) on pending roster requests.


Payroll V1.11

1. An employee’s primary costing information is now included in the Employee Qualifications report.

2. The reconciliation reports have been updated to no longer show NaN (Not a Number) in reports and instead show as $0.

3. Withdrawn notifications are now sent to managers even when a timesheet is immediately deleted after the withdrawal.

4. Resolved an edge case where an employee with multiple time periods within a single work schedule may not have been shown in the Team Roster.

Definitiv iOS App V1.14

1. Enhancements have been made to allow for multiple work schedules on one day to be shown on the dashboard.

2. An issue causing the message extension to not detect it was already enabled has been resolved.

3. Resolved the following roster issues;

  • The inability to create a new roster;
  • The inability to assign an employee to a roster entry;
  • Unassigned roster entries coming up as unknown; and
  • Work schedule and leave entries not grouping under the primary role in the Roster by Role view mode.

4. Resolved an issue where the pending badge count was not updating when a timesheet or leave application had been actioned when viewing the individual timesheet or leave application in detail.

iOS TimeClock App V1.6

Preparation has been undertaken to make performance improvements in the future to the TimeClock for clients with over 10,000 work orders within the Definitiv platform.

Please make sure you download the new iOS TimeClock app update.