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Payroll V1.10

1. Access to employee information has been updated so users who have no subordinates will see the menu header, Employees, and users who have subordinates will see the menu header, My Team.

2. Timesheet overlap validation has been enhanced to include Timesheets sent for approval. Now when an employee or manager attempts to change the times and dates of a pending Timesheet that overlaps with the times and dates of another Timesheet (pending or approved), a validation error message will be displayed.

3. Enhancements have been made to improve the performance of the Employee Details, Timesheets, Announcements, Provision Policies and Work Schedules sections for clients with over 10,000 work orders within the platform.

4. The Marginal Tax warning message in the pay run screen, ‘Marginally taxed pay item has calculated no tax withheld as no tax applies’, has been updated to include events where no marginal tax was validly calculated, i.e. the employee’s YTD earnings are under the tax-free threshold.

5. The application of the Working Holiday Maker tax rate has been updated in line with recent legislative changes.

6. An issue causing manually entered Leave Accruals in a pay run to reverse when a manual pay run is opened within the same pay period been resolved.

7. An issue causing the Rostering Report to crash when a date was entered into the Rosters Up To date field has been resolved.

8. An issue causing the breaks within rostered shifts to not copy across when a Roster Template was duplicated by a user has been resolved.