• STP Part Year Finalise and Lodge: You now have the ability to process a Part Year Finalisation event (Equivalent of an Early Issue Payment Summary). This should only be processed if all earnings have been paid to the relevant employee(s).
  • STP user notifications: Nominate the default users to receive STP Notifications in Admin → Configuration → Organisation Details → ATO Details.
  • STP EOFY ‘out of date’ notifications: If after submitting an EOFY via STP, new pay runs are published for the same financial year, then a notification will be sent to the nominated users, indicating the EOFY lodgement is now out of date and needs to be re-lodged.
  • Background Pay Run recalculations: Pay Run manual edits and recalculations can now occur in the background. This allows for multiple changes to be made within a Pay Run without you having to wait for the previous edit to finish.

  • Pre-validation rules have been added to STP lodgements to provide more user friendly error messages contained in STP lodgements.
  • When a manager submits a Timesheet and/or a Leave Application on behalf of an employee and it is auto-approved, the manager’s name actioning this will consistently be shown as the “approver”. This was only an issue previously when there were multiple incumbents in the same manager position.
  • Fixed an edge case where saved Report Variants would not retain the saved settings. Any reports affected by this issue have been fixed.