Team Work Schedules

Previous Week and Next Week buttons have been introduced to the Team Work Schedules Report. You can access this report by going to My Team or Employees > Team Work Schedules.

Now you can quickly move back and forth between weeks, without having to re-select a new date.


A new Grid Report; STP Pay Runs has been added to Reporting. To access the new report, go to Reporting > Payroll Reporting > STP Pay Runs.

It is recommended you still use the STP YTD Report to balance your payroll prior to submitting your Pay Run event, as only YTD’s are submitted to the ATO. This new STP Pay Runs report is to allow you to view the data on a by employee/by pay run basis.

Please note: In our last release, we introduced pre-validation on some errors and these errors will be displayed in this report. If employee data contains errors, figures will be shown as zero until they are resolved.

  • Improved performance of the Pay Run screen to make it easier for clients processing a large Pay Run.
  • Resolved an edge case where fixed Super Contributions were incorrectly prorated where the pay period overlapped two calendar months and the employee commenced in the second month.
  • Added validation rules for STP lodgments with a blank WPN field.
  • Checking the ‘Not Paid by EFT’ setting no longer produces a save error.
  • Redesigned the calculation method that was utilised to cap marginal payment tax to 47%.
  • Pay Rates assigned to a Custom Pay Policy within a Role will remain visible after saving and refreshing.
  • Aligned Grid Based Reports to show employees with a Termination Date of “Today” as active.
  • Removed the requirement of Project Managers having to be assigned in the Organisation Chart for approval workflow.
  • Issue with different results in the Pay Run based on the Recalculation method chosen has been investigated and resolved. Please note, this was only affecting clients configured as Total Package within Definitiv.
  • TimeClock events where the break was scheduled and/or taken after midnight will now be auto approved.