Our Rostering function has been revamped to provide greater flexibility for the different ways businesses roster their employees.

  • Added support for editing and deleting of individual Work Schedule entries, with Rostering now allowing for one off tweaks to employees on repeated Work Schedules.
  • Ability to ‘Roster by Role‘ or ‘Roster by Employee‘, which changes the way Roster entries are grouped into rows.
  • Ability to select a starting date when duplicating a Roster created in Definitiv.
  • Improved print layout for Rosters using a PDF report (especially useful for 14 day rosters).
  • Publish Changes‘ feature updated so it only sends notifications to the impacted employees when changes have been made to a Roster. This option only appears once a Roster has been published for the first time.
  • Roster requires employee acceptance‘ option now included when creating a new Roster.
  • Roster entries being automatically saved as they are added. This removes the need for a separate roster wide Save button.
  • An option added to the Team Time Attendance Report to show only the Roster/Work Schedule entries, or to also display the Timesheet data.
  • A rejection reason prompt when rejecting a Roster entry within the web interface (previously only the iOS app prompted for a reason).

The Timesheet import format has a new Public Holiday Worked/Not Worked column to allow for the entering of public holiday data.

  • The new column will only allow for values to be entered on public holidays.
  • If no value is entered in this column on a public holiday, then no Timesheet will be created.
  • Added a Super Stream category for Super Pay Items. This allows for full control over how custom Super Pay Items should be reported at contribution.
  • Added a CSV download option to the Entitlements PDF report. This new download option, includes the source data in a standard tabular format, and will not try to match the PDF layout within the CSV file.

  • Beam notifications have been updated to send hourly rather than daily. Updates have been made to prevent those receiving duplicate notifications.
  • Beam notifications are now also delivered via push notifications via the Definitiv app (only applicable if the app is installed).
  • The new Superannuation batch UI filters out Pay Runs, where all contributions have been lodged in previous batches.
  • The Superannuation MCB values for the 2019 Financial Year have been added.
  • The Award Engine normalize to contract hours rule will no longer cause an error when a pay period contains only 0 duration Timesheets.
  • Added a Pay Run error message when an employee is missing primary assignment costing and it is needed to post an accrual movement.
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing the Timesheet import format from accepting times at exactly midnight.
  • Added a delete confirmation warning when removing org chart positions.