Payroll V0.0.73
  • Custom reports are organised and listed on the sidebar under Custom Reports for ease and accessibility.
Definitiv iOS App
  • A notification badge count, displays the number of pending actions and approvals you have waiting for review.
  • View, edit or add Qualifications for yourself and/or your team members.
  • Date/Time selector is only shown on the missing times for Timesheets with the Forgot To Action selected.
  • Dashboard buttons can be customised to your device by clicking the quick links spanner icon.
  • Warning pop-up is shown if submitting a partial day leave application and the user exits the application without inputting the hours.

  • Company Announcements filter out terminated employees and ceased projects in the specific employee selector.
  • New column in the Time Attendance Report to display allocated Timesheet Approvers.
  • Years of Service calculation in the Accrual Liability Report is computed based on the As At date.
  • New column in the Org Chart Report to display Termination Date of the employee
  • A scrollbar has been added to the organisation drop-down menu when there are more organisations than room on the screen.
  • Added an archive feature for Qualification Types that have been previously used. (Note: Qualifications assigned in the award will need to be removed manually)
  • Removal of a duplicated Work Order column, duplicated values within the Employment Status column and a fix to the column alignment in the Pay Runs grid report.
  • All grid reports will only load data from the most recent requested parameters used.
  • Day of week rule in Award Engine modified to handle a Timesheet finishing at exactly midnight without being treated as the next day.
  • Not a Public Holiday rule in Award Engine modified to handle shifts that carry over past midnight, where both days are not a public holiday.
  • TimeClock Change Duties will not display duplicate roles if an employee is assigned to multiple of the same role.