Payroll V0.0.72.0
  • Change Duties feature of the iOS TimeClock App now includes Project Work Orders.
  • Project Work Orders can be assigned in Rostering.
  • Pay Items on payslip obey the pay item roll-up mode. *Exceptions do apply for Leave Applications, Notes on Pay Item Lines etc.
  • Show Current/Show All filter applied to Employee Super Fund and Contributions.
  • Expected Superannuation Payment Date displayed on the Payslip Template. If you have a Custom Template you will need to update your own template. To check whether you have a custom template go to: Admin>Configuration>Organisation Settings>Email.
  • If you have access to multiple organisations, you will be directed to the last organisation accessed on subsequent logins.
Definitiv iOS App

Available to download in the App Store, the Definitiv iOS App is a convenient way to access your Definitiv account.

Benefits of using the App:

  • Enter Timesheets and Leave Applications on-the-go
  • View Payslips
  • Update Personal details
  • Manage Approvals and much more
  • Receive Push Notifications for Timesheet Approvals, Leave Application updates, Payslip availability and Company Announcements (Push Notifications are received in addition to email notifications)

  • If Employee based Super Contributions is set to Only Process When Other Earnings Exist, it will deduct when there are earnings in that pay period, regardless of which calendar month the earnings fall into. Please ensure you review any backpay calculations on your first Pay Run for each pay calendar as this change may have a retrospective impact.
  • Time taken to view an employees pay within a Pay Run screen has been improved by x17.
  • Manual adjustments of percentage based pay items applies what the user entered as an adjustment (Previously it would try to interpret and recalculate the manual adjustment).
  • Award engine rule numbers dropped the pre-processor rule prefixes.
  • API integration includes ability to read available roles.
  • Leave estimates on the employee calendar will not recalculate when returning to the calendar.
  • Grid Reporting Enhancements. New columns/data added to the Employee Listing, Employee Pay Policies, Employee Qualifications, Employee Superannuation, Pay Runs, Payroll Analysis, Leave Balances and Time Attendance.
  • Emergency Contacts will require a minimum of 1 contact.
  • Timesheet digest email updates the missing start/end times from a timeclock based timesheet if a user has updated the generated timesheet manually.
  • Employee document types supported on IE11.
  • About menu in Miscellaneous is replaced with Terms of Service in the User drop-down menu.