• Audit Summary Report has been extended to include bank account changes within the specified period.
  • Permissions have been enabled on Document Management. You can add / remove these via your user roles.
  • Qualifications have been upgraded to align with the recently released Employee Documents and are now located under Document Types.
  • Create and store your Organisation’s document templates within Organisation Documents.
  • Improved part-day leave on night shift schedules allows for greater ease of entry.
  • Introducing Change Duties via the TimeClock. This will automatically show users if they can select multiple; Projects, Work Orders, Roles, Locations or Departments.*
  • A new organisation setting has been applied to hide Start/Finish Break on the TimeClock app V1.4.0.*

*Note: To take advantage of the new TimeClock features, the app will need to be updated to V1.4.0, available on the App Store.

  • An update has been made to the Leave Applications and Leave Approvals Report to take into account the normalisation of leave requests.
  • Report Variant export to excel feature on Grid Reporting has been reinstated as per the email sent 30th October 2017. We highly recommend Google Chrome or Firefox for optimal performance.
  • Timesheet Custom Fields improvements on Internet Explorer 11.
  • Accrual Movements has been updated so as not to cause subsequent Pay Runs to apply the same movement in backpay.