• Employee Document Management. This allows documents to be tracked per employee, and allows for an unlimited number of custom fields to be defined per document. This provides the ultimate flexibility in what data is captured in addition to the uploaded document attachments.

Components around this feature are:

Document Types – Available in Admin > Configuration > Document Types

Custom Fields on Document Management – Available in Custom Fields in Admin > Configuration > Custom Fields > Document Management Tab

Document Management – Available in Employee Record

Permission to View/Edit Employee Documents – Available in Permissions User Drop Down > User Roles

  • Leave applications with part day leave requests support defining time ranges that overlap midnight. Previously a part day leave application that overlapped midnight would need to be requested as 2 separate part days.
  • Leave Applications and Leave Approvals report will include the estimated units of leave paid.
  • The default Western Australia 2018 public holidays have been added, however not linked to any locations. Please review your 2018 holiday configuration to assign your relevant locations.
  • New permission added to allow custom fields on Timesheets to be shown or hidden. (eg. Allows a manager to see custom fields on Timesheets, however not the employee who submitted the Timesheet). To provide backwards compatibility, this permission has been granted to all roles who already had view Timesheets permission.
  • New permission added to allow Timesheets in a locked status (Approved, Withdrawn, Rejected) to still be updated if required. This permission has not been granted to any role by default, so if required please review your User Role setup.
  • New option has been added to the Accrual Movements feature to allow small movements to be retained up until they go past a specified threshold. The value is assigned in Admin > Configuration > Accrual Types
  • End of Year Payment Summary Amendments support amending back to a $0 gross pay value (Note: While Definitiv supports these $0 amendments, the ATO are unable to receive this amendment via SBR and have advised to manually lodge via paper forms if this is the case).
  • The auto approval feature (eg. When a user who is a manager submits leave for one of their subordinates) obeys the Approval Policy mode of ‘Any Approvers vs. All Approvers’ must approve. Therefore if there is both a Line Manager and Project Manager, in the Any Approver Can Approve mode, if either manager submits the application on behalf of an employee, the application will auto-approve. Previously it would auto-approve the submitting manager, however the other manager would still be required to approve.
  • New Emergency Contact relations: Family Member and Son/Daughter.

  • Terminated employees that are attached to the org chart of project manager list will no longer receive approval requests.
  • Terminated employees will no longer receive announcements.
  • Announcements without any filters specified are only sent to employees in the current organisation.
  • When calculating a projected leave balance for a specific date in the future, leave approved after that date will also be shown in all related areas. This affects both the single leave application view, as well as Accrual Liability reporting.
  • Timesheets created via the TimeClock on unscheduled days will have the Shift Type field populated from the employee’s primary role assignment (if specified).
  • Employees with a future hire date have their hire date populated in the Employee Listing report (previously would be blank for any future hires).
  • Minor layout updates for reporting to fit on smaller screens.
  • Updated the Single Sign On component to the latest version.
  • Timesheets exported via the Data Export feature have their total duration set to include breaks.
  • Timesheet import within Data Import shows a warning if duration not specified when using start/finish times on breaks and tasks.
  • Updated session timeout to 20 minutes. If your session expires, please click on the link supplied to reenter your credentials on another tab.
  • Date Picker in Leave Balances Report is greyed out to restrict the selection of future dates, given the report cannot be used for projections.