June 15, 2018   |   Product Updates

STP Compliance Announced

Drum roll please… The Definitiv Payroll and HR platform is now Single Touch Payroll compliant!

We have been waiting a long time to be able to say those words and are very excited to finally make this announcement.

Definitiv has been ready for Single Touch Payroll since last month, but we were only able to secure our Product Verification Testing (PVT) with the ATO in early June.

Definitiv passed its PVT with flying colours, and we officially received the nod of approval from the ATO on Wednesday 14th June.

Definitiv is now whitelisted to publish Single Touch Payroll reports directly to the ATO. This means we are an approved Single Touch Payroll provider, putting us ahead of most other providers in the market.

When will Definitiv go live with Single Touch Payroll?

Definitiv is set to go live with Single Touch Payroll very shortly. We will be sending out a communication to our customers to confirm the go-live date in the next week.

We know going live early is a major plus for our customers, who have been waiting patiently to be early adopters. We want to thank all our clients for their support, and we are so proud to be able to help you all be among the first companies to commence Single Touch Payroll reporting.

What can you do to get ready?

If you are a Definitiv client, you will have the opportunity to go live with Single Touch Payroll before the end of the financial year. To help you get prepared for the upcoming changes ahead, make sure you follow your Single Touch Payroll checklist here.

Not a Definitiv client?

If you are not a Definitiv client, then we suggest reviewing your payroll software provider to see whether or not it is time for an upgrade. The introduction of Single Touch Payroll presents the perfect opportunity to assess your business system requirements and address manual payroll and HR processes where efficiencies could be increased.

There are many benefits of jumping on-board with Single Touch Payroll reporting early. One major advantage of Single Touch Payroll is not having to produce and supply your employees with Payment Summaries.

To find out how Definitiv can improve the way you manage your payroll and HR, book a demo with our team today.