April 27, 2021   |   Product Updates

Keep chugging along with our Plant and Equipment module

Our Plant and Equipment module, officially launched last year, is designed to help keep your business operational and your assets readily available when they should be.

Whether you have company-owned trucks, forklifts, mowers or other equipment that are used by your workforce, these can all be assigned to jobs and/or employees to track usage and distribution as well as utilisation to drive regular and timely maintenance.

Costing and Configuration

Creating assets within Definitiv is straightforward (and fairly boring to read about). However, before we move on we wanted to get the dry but essentials details out the way. With Definitiv, assets can be assigned GL codes to enable true labour and asset costs for a job to be captured as well as custom fields and multiple units of measure to be assigned.

plant config

Being able to allocate multiple units of measure, for example, means that when Bob takes out the ute, you can have him capture both the start and end odometer as well as the amount of time he spent out on the road.

If you wanted to get real fancy, you could even use our APIs so assets are added and updated as and when this is performed in your ERP or asset management software.

When set up, assets can be assigned at two levels; employee and project (i.e. job, site, store or whatever you want to call it).

If Bob is the only one to take out the red Toyota Hilux, assigning it to Bob’s master record acts as a control to prevent other team members from being able to assign time to his red ute.

Alternatively, if the shiny red ute is a shared vehicle, available to all team members on a specific site then you can assign it to the site for all members to be able to record on their timesheet.

Report or not to report?

While how you set up your assets is vital, the main benefit of the Plant and Equipment module is being able to report on asset utilisation. In combination with our multiple time and attendance options, including the TimeClock and timesheets, an asset can be added by an employee as they clock off, change duties or complete their timesheet.

With the ability to add multiple units of measure depending on how you gauge your asset utilisation, i.e. hours of use, mileage or both, Definitiv provides your company with the information it needs to drive greater job costing details and asset maintenance in your ERP.

Plant Mobile

However, you can also use the Plant and Equipment module to assign non-reportable assets to an employee or job. While you may not want to determine asset utilisation; you may want to still be able to track an asset. With the Plant and Equipment module, you can easily maintain an auditable asset register on the employee master record and see who and when a specific laptop is assigned to a team member.

Protecting your company and workforce

In combination with our Compliance module, Definitiv helps to ensure employees are assigning time (and/or other metrics) to the right equipment, on the right jobs and with the right qualifications.

For example, any team member that takes out the red ute has to have at minimum a C Class licence or only those few team members with a forklift licence can use that forklift located at the back of the warehouse.

In Definitiv, licences, qualifications, tickets, training and other compliance items can be assigned to an asset as mandatory prerequisites. Then if a team member isn’t compliant to use an asset; Definitiv will highlight this to both the employee and their manager.

Keeping on top of maintenance

By using our RESTful APIs, you can also integrate Definitiv back into your ERP or asset management software to drive scheduling and maintenance.

Want to know more?

If you want to know more about our Plant and Equipment module, reach out to our team through the usual channels or contact us today.