April 11, 2019   |   Product Updates

A more flexible way to TimeClock

Having staff clock on and off is great when your employees are office or site based.

However, it’s not as flexible when you have off-site or field-based employees that work from home or are on the road moving from job to job.

An alternative for non-site based employees can be timesheets, a feature Definitiv offers through its app and Employee Hub. However, timesheets are entered after the shift has ended, so actual hours may not be tracked. Furthermore, timesheets become timely and complex when multiple jobs or projects are required to be entered on a single day.

After racking our brains and doing some brainstorming, we came up with the idea of the Personal TimeClock that can be accessed through the normal Definitiv app.

What is the Personal TimeClock?

The Personal TimeClock allows employees to clock on and off, change duties and take breaks from the comfort of their own app. Unlike normal stationary time clocks, Definitiv’s Personal TimeClock isn’t bound by a specific location.

Whether your employees are out and about, on-the-go, or are required to submit multiple time entries per day, the new Personal TimeClock will make the time and attendance process more seamless.

Location Tracking

The last thing an employer needs is an employee clocking on at a job while they are in bed watching Netflix. This is why the Personal TimeClock registers the location with every event; clocking on and off, taking a break and changing duties.

With the Personal TimeClock, you can even enforce an employee to take a picture of their face every time they clock on. Thus, ensuring it is actually them clocking in to work for the day.

To help further control the use of the Personal TimeClock, we have introduced the pairing of this functionality with an iBeacon. This feature is optional but if enabled, access to the Personal TimeClock will be controlled by the use of an iBeacon.

What is an iBeacon?

An iBeacon is a device that emits a Bluetooth signal allowing smart devices within range to perform specific actions.

In the case of the Personal TimeClock, once an employee is within range of the iBeacon, they can access and use this function within the Definitiv app. Once out of range, the Personal TimeClock is no longer accessible on the app.


In Definitiv, grace periods can be defined, enabling Personal TimeClock events to be auto-approved. Grace periods determine the allowable time differences between the work schedule and a timesheet. Any timesheets created via the Personal TimeClock that fall within the grace periods will go through auto-approval, any that fall outside of the grace periods will require a manger’s manual approval.

For example, if you allow for 15-minute buffers between the scheduled shift duration and actual shift duration, any TimeClock created timesheets that fall within this buffer will be auto-approved.

If you are already a Definitiv customer, then the Personal TimeClock runs on the same organisational grace periods set up in Definitiv for the normal TimeClock.

The Personal TimeClock is now also available on our Android app.

Find out what you can do with our normal TimeClock app here.