July 15, 2019   |   Product Updates

Personal TimeClock is available on Android


The Personal TimeClock is available on the Android version of the Definitiv app.

Released at the end of June, employees with Android-based phones can now clock on/off, register breaks and change duties, all through the comfort of their own phone.

Initially launched on the Definitiv iOS app in April, it has now become one of our most popularly used features. The Personal TimeClock on the Android app even comes with an additional benefit of being able to view how long your shift was, as soon as you have clocked off.

How the Personal TimeClock works.

With the Personal TimeClock, employees, contractors or even volunteers no longer need to waste time manually filling in timesheets.

As Definitiv allows for complex costing structures, the Personal TimeClock helps to ensure your company’s employees are paid correctly and you can keep track of project labour costing with minimum effort. For example, in Definitiv an employee can work in multiple roles with different awards (or agreements), allowances, rates, projects, and more, in the one day without any manual intervention by the payroll team.

Using the Personal TimeClock, your people are able to change roles, departments, locations, projects and work orders with just a tap or two on their phone. The Personal TimeClock automates the entire timesheet creation and approval workflow process.


Even the approval process can be automated using grace periods. Grace periods determine the allowable time differences between the work schedule or roster and a timesheet. Any timesheets created via the Personal TimeClock that fall within the grace periods will go straight through auto-approval.

Great for employees on the road.

If you have field-based employees who regularly travel from job to job, as mentioned the Personal TimeClock is a great way to capture time and labour costs to those jobs or projects; easily and quickly.

The Personal TimeClock also captures the location of each event, so you can make sure employees are clocking on or changing jobs when and where they should be.

Great for employees in the office.

If you have centralised employees who only work on site or in an office, you can lock down access to the Personal TimeClock by pairing it with an iBeacon.

And with their powers combined, employees can use the Personal TimeClock to register events only when in the vicinity of the iBeacon. Once out of range the Personal TimeClock is no longer accessible on the Definitiv app.

Enabling the Personal TimeClock in your business.

The Personal TimeClock feature is free for all Definitiv customers. If you are a Definitiv customer and interested in enabling the Personal TimeClock in your business, please refer to recent release notes detailing how to set it up.

If you are interested in pairing the feature with an iBeacon, please raise a request through the Definitiv Help Desk.