August 14, 2019   |   Product Updates

Online Tax File Number declarations now available in Definitiv

Helping our customers to streamline the onboarding process, Definitiv now caters for online Tax File Number (TFN) declarations.

Available as standard, online TFN declarations are free for all Definitiv customers to use.

You can now submit all your employees’ TFN declarations to the ATO, directly through Definitiv without any manual processing. Gone are the days of sending declarations using snail mail.

In alignment with Definitiv’s flexible and date-driven nature, TFN declarations aren’t limited to the onboarding process. An employee’s TFN declaration can be updated in Definitiv at any time as employee circumstances change.

For example, you may have an employee who was under 18 years of age and earning less than $18,200 per year when they first started, making them exempt from quoting a TFN. However, when they turn 18 or start to earn above the tax-free threshold, they may need to submit a new TFN declaration.

Definitiv caters for scenarios like the above and all potential TFN declaration circumstances where no declaration is received or no TFN is quoted. Our intelligent payroll engine will also adjust the employee’s tax rate to meet the ATO’s regulations based on the TFN and other information entered or not entered in the declaration. Automating the compliance around TFN declarations, means no timely or manual changes are required on your end.

Definitiv even keeps you up-to-date on the status of all employee TFN declarations within the platform, so you aren’t left in the dark on where they are in the process. Whether the TFN declaration was lodged externally, pending, lodged or not lodged at all, Definitiv makes sure you are aware of each declaration’s status.

With the introduction of this new feature, we have of course added a new configurable report. When managing a large organisation, it can be hard to keep on top of the status of all your new starters and TFN declarations. This report will show you the status of all TFN declarations within your business, allowing you to filter down to declarations that still need to be completed or lodged to the ATO.

As a young and growing platform, we are always enhancing our core product to make it better. Online Tax File Number declarations are just one way we are adding to our platform to provide a greater customer experience for you.