November 14, 2019   |   Product Updates

New Team Variance report provides greater oversight for managers

The Team Variance report is the freshest report to be picked and added to Definitiv’s reporting collection.

If you are a Definitiv customer, you may remember the old Team Work Schedules report. The Team Variance report is like the new sexier and flashier model. It has just rolled out of the production line, jam-packed with new features and capabilities.

Previously, with the Team Work Schedules report, a manager could see a team member’s scheduled hours and if applicable, timesheet hours for each day over a specified date range.

Although this data is available in the Team Variance report, we have upped the ante with additional supporting information;

  • The variance between scheduled and actual hours for each day worked; and
  • The variance between scheduled and actual hours for the total reporting period.
Team Variance Report

This report is key in showing managers their team’s utilisation. Compared to the Daily Dashboard which displays similar information for the current day, the Team Variance report enables managers to identify events over a greater period of time, enabling them to identify growing trends that need to be addressed.

Managers can assess if their team members are actually coming in and working to their scheduled hours on a regular basis, if there are team members being constantly overworked and if there is potential to move the workload to less busy team members.

How else can the Team Variance report help out?

Apart from showing some handy information, it also allows actions to be performed quickly, directly from the report.

By clicking on a cell within the table, a manager can do the following;

  • View all time and attendance related events for a team member in one day;
  • Edit the time and attendance entries for a team member; and
  • Approve or reject time and attendance entries for a team member.
Team Variance Detail

Being able to make these changes without having to navigate away from the report makes it easier and more efficient to review and update.

This new report in Definitiv is available under the My Teams section in our web application, if you have the right permissions.

Find out more about our reporting capabilities here.