February 19, 2021   |   Product Updates

Our new rostering is here

Late last year we made a major upgrade to the rostering within Definitiv.

And when we say major, we mean major. On top of a cosmetic facelift (see for yourself in the image below), we added in some cool new features to help businesses better understand their upfront labour costs and risks to the business.

New Rostering

To make it easy, we’ve highlighted some of the below updates for you.

Labour Cost Projections

The biggest update to our new rostering is the introduction of labour cost projections.

When building out a roster, Definitiv now shows you how much each shift will cost you down to the pay item. If you are really keen, you can even choose to see the on-costs (see screenshot below).

Rostering costing

Plus as each shift is put through our award engine, you can be sure that you are always shown the true and full picture.

Compliance Warnings

A handy feature to catch compliance issues in advance is by using the rostering in partnership with our Compliance and Work Restrictions modules.

With the Compliance module, our new rostering will be able to highlight any upcoming shifts where an employee will not be compliant. Whether it be because they don’t have the right qualifications or because their licences have expired, Definitiv gives you the visibility needed to be able to act early to prevent interruptions to your operations and productivity.

The Work Restrictions module also adds another layer of protection over your workforce compliance. It helps you keep on top of potential workplace health and safety issues such as employees burning out from working too many hours or even helps prevent the company from breaching the modern award or other industrial instrument the employee is covered by.

Through our new rostering, the Work Restrictions module will highlight upcoming shifts that are in breach of any work restriction policies set up in place. This will help identify to the rostering officer that they need to swap out the employee for a similarly qualified but less utilised resource.

Greater Usability

To make the lives easier for rostering teams, we have introduced some simple features to make the rostering process that little bit easier, these include;

  • Bulk updates – It is now even easier and quicker to add, copy and edit multiple shifts at one time. You can also add multiple shift templates to the one big roster.
  • Rolling rosters – Rolling rosters can now be maintained with the ability to copy from the previous period with the click of a button.
  • Customisable timeframes – Have some funky roster patterns outside of the normal timeframes (i.e. weekly, fortnightly or monthly)? You can now configure a custom roster length to your heart’s content.
  • Multi-level grouping – Want to view your roster by department and then role? Done.

If you are a Definitiv customer and want to try out our new rostering (it’s free to use), Compliance module and/or Work Restrictions module, get in touch with our team today through the usual channels.

If you are interested in finding out more about Definitiv and our platform, contact our team here or give us a buzz on 1300 125 307.