April 29, 2020   |   Product Updates

New features to keep you and your workforce connected

If like our company, your workforce, or part thereof, is working from home, it can be difficult to stay connected.

To help our customers keep their workforce informed and to make it easier for team members to get in touch, we have made a couple of updates to our platform.

Announcements enhancement

As mentioned in our JobKeeper guide, we have added greater capability to our Announcements feature.

In general, our Announcements feature is a great way to get a message out to your workforce. Whether you need to update them on new policies or just to provide a company-wide update, sending out an announcement is a convenient way to reach out to the team.

Plus, Announcements come with reporting capabilities, so you can see who has and who hasn’t read or acknowledged an announcement.

With our new beefed-up version of our Announcements feature, you now have the option to request true/false responses. This is a great way to have employees agree to their JobKeeper nomination or even to run a quick poll.

We also have some additional enhancements including the ability to add multiple questions and responses.

Contact payroll support

To make it easier for payroll/HR teams and employees with pay enquiries during this time, we have added a new Contact Support feature to our mobile app.

This is an anxious time for many, so we have been trying our best to try and help ease the stress just a little for your workforce.

We have now made it easier for your team members to make contact with the right person or team when they have a query or issue.

Our Contact Support feature, available on both our iOS and Android Definitiv app, allows employees to make contact through a dedicated support email. Now, if they a query about their pay or the app, they can direct their question to the right person or team within your company.

To enable this option, go to Admin > Configuration > Organisation Details.

Contact Support

Then enter the preferred internal email address you would like employee enquiries to be delivered.

The Contact Support option will then be made available to team members through the left side menu in the Definitiv app.

Once set up, you can let your workforce know all about this new feature through our Announcements feature!