March 14, 2022   |   Product Updates

New and improved Onboarding Module 

The Definitiv Onboarding module has new and improved features.

Offering a highly flexible workflow and user-friendly process, it now has step-through guides for different sections of the onboarding process. 

See it in action

Watch our video on the improved Onboarding module and learn about all the new features available to support you and your workforce.

Permission-based processing 

The Onboarding module is configured by permissions ensuring the data required by different roles in the business is delivered to the right person in the onboarding process. For example, the payroll administrator can be notified after the employee has signed the contract and completed the onboarding, even though the process itself may have been managed by the human resources team.

Template-driven processing  

Onboarding in Definitiv is template-driven which makes the process configurable, personalised and efficient.

There are three types of templates:  

  • Compliance requirements* – For example; vaccination requirements, national police clearances, passports etc. You can now request copies of these compliance records as part of an employee’s onboarding. Plus, you can set up different templates for your various workforce groups, e.g. office vs site-based.
  • Documentation – For example; Fair Work Information Statement, employment contract and internal policies etc. Similar to compliance records, you can set up multiple templates to cater for different employee group specifications. 
  • Additional data – You can now set up and have employees complete responses for custom fields and choose to include or exclude specific screens during the onboarding process, e.g. superannuation, tax file declaration, banking details, etc. This means, your team can spend less time chasing paperwork and provide the employee with a seamless and modern onboarding experience. Plus, it also means, you can now onboard contractors or volunteer-based staff as you can pick and choose which pages to remove. 

One record for life 

In Definitiv, you have one record per employee, which means if you rehire an employee regardless of role, the original record for that person is readily available. The process of rehiring an employee is streamlined as their record already exists in the system. As an employer, you are also STP compliant as there is only one record for the employee for reporting purposes.  

When you rehire an employee, their personal details, superannuation, and bank details are already in the system, so there is less to enter when re-processing them through an onboarding. Then all the employee needs to do is check and update their details.

Super stapling and onboarding 

The ATO introduced super stapling in November 2021, and we have added this as an additional choice to the super selection screen in Onboarding. This means a new employee can nominate a company nominated super fund, choose a super fund they already contribute to or opt for their employer to confirm their stapled super fund.  

Intuitive Employee Experience  

Once you hit the confirm and send button in Definitiv, the employee gets an email that guides them through their onboarding experience.  

Once they get started, the process takes about 15 minutes, and they can save their progress if they don’t have the time to complete it or don’t have the information they need on hand.  

The employee can sign and accept contracts and review and acknowledge other documents. Signatures are appended to the employee’s signed documents and saved on their master record for convenience.  

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*Only available if the Compliance module is turned on. Find out more about the Compliance module here.