February 14, 2020   |   Product Updates

Giving your people better insight with the new My Hours report

At Definitiv, we believe employee self-service should be more than just timesheets and leave applications.

We want to provide employees with an app that not only improves the way they manage their payroll and HR requirements but also offers behavioural insights.

Take for example our Leave History chart which has been available in the Definitiv app from day one. This report shows employees their leave by day of the week, leave type and frequency. An employee can see what day of the week they most regularly take annual leave or even maybe a special leave type custom to the organisation they are employed.

Our new My Hours report is another way we are educating employees and giving them access to data they want to see but have never had access to.

This new report shows an employee the variance between their actual hours and scheduled hours of work. Whether they want to see variance over a week, fortnight or month, it is up to them. Employees can even drill the data down to a single day.

For our iOS users, we go one step further. This report is also available as a chart on the dashboard through the new widget capability.

With the widgets, you can now personalise what you want to see on your dashboard and where. Work a regular 9 to 5 job? Then the upcoming schedule widget may not be relevant to you and now you have the option to remove it from your view.

If you are an Android user, don’t worry too much, widgets and the ability to customise your dashboard are in the pipeline.

Find out more about our mobile app here.