October 23, 2019   |   Product Updates

Making employee compliance simple

Our new Employee Compliance module officially went live to the public at the end of September. Fittingly, the launch coincides closely with our third birthday.

The Definitiv platform was initially launched in October 2016. Although we have grown and bulked up our platform over the last three years, the Employee Compliance module is the first module we have launched in addition to our core offering.

What is the Employee Compliance module?

The first module to be added onto our main solution has been designed to help safeguard your business from workforce-related risks. We worked in partnership with two of our clients to develop a compliance module that would be fit-for-purpose; now and in the future.

Team Compliance

Configurable Compliance Types and Notifications

If you are already a Definitiv customer, you may have noticed that Qualifications has recently changed terminology to reflect the fact that compliance covers a broader spectrum of items than just qualifications.

Although the ability to add user-configurable compliance records to the platform isn’t new to Definitiv, customers on the Employee Compliance module can now configure notification timeframes and stakeholders for each compliance type.

For each compliance type, you can choose the following people to notify for expiring and expired items;

  • Employee (with the compliance record in question);
  • Line Manager;
  • Project Manager; and
  • Other internal stakeholders

You can also choose to set up and use company default notification settings.

As the process for renewing each compliance type can differ, for example, for a driver’s licence, a person may only need to simply pay a renewal fee. However, for other accreditations, they may need to prepare, book in and carry out a re-assessment, and the notification period needs to be longer to cater for this.

Therefore, we have given our customers the ability to pick and choose the pre-expiry notification period for each compliance type to be able to cater for the different levels of renewal complexities.

Setting compliance requirements

Our new Employee Compliance helps you to make sure people have the right skills, qualifications, visas, licences and other compliance records to carry out their roles and to work on specific projects.

Compliance requirements can be set at the following levels;

  • Role;
  • Project; and
  • Role when working on a specific project

For example, if you have an Electrician within your business, you may require a person in this role to have a Certificate III in Electrotechnology Electrician, completed an apprenticeship and have an Electrical Licence. Using the configurable notifications, you could set an expiry reminder for the Electrical Licence to make sure it is renewed in time.

When the Electrician works on a specific project, for example, a mining site, they may also be required to have undertaken a High Voltage Switching course to carry out additional duties.

Furthermore, to even get onto the site, the Electrician like everyone else on that project is required to undertake induction training to meet workplace, health and safety requirements.

Definitiv can cater for all the above scenarios to make sure your people always have the correct and up-to-date compliance records to perform their work safely.


Maintaining a compliant workforce is vital to ensure a safe environment and helps maintain operational efficiencies.

Having the right information, in the one place, in the format you need and in real-time, is the only way to ensure your workforce is always compliant. Definitiv produces a number of reports at a team level and organisational level to make it easy for all stakeholders to have live information on compliance throughout the business.

Team Compliance Report

At an organisation level, HR Managers and other required stakeholders can take advantage of Definitiv’s grid layout, pivot table and charting options to be able to manipulate, filter and display the data in the format required for them and their organisation.

Compliance on-the-go

Need to make sure your team are compliant to come on-site? Or need to be able to prove your team is compliant to a client?

This information can easily be viewed and checked through a report on the Definitiv mobile app. You can even filter by role, project, compliance type and date.

The report shows managers the following;

  • Team members with compliance records that have not yet been met;
  • Team members with compliance records that have expired or expiring soon;
  • Team members who are compliant; and
  • Team members who don’t require any compliance records.

As a manager, you can also view the compliance records on a team member’s file and download the attachments for verification.

What is to come?

Our Employee Compliance module will continue to grow as we start to integrate it with other features within the platform.

Some of the features we already have in the pipeline include;

  • Rostering integration to prevent non-compliant team members from being rostered onto shift;
  • Compliance audit report that will show your people’s compliance over a specified date range; and
  • Compliance matrix that makes it easy to view all compliance records for your team on one screen.

Want to know more?

Find out more about our Employee Compliance module here.

If you would like to speak to a team member about our Employee Compliance module, call us on 1300 125 307 or email info@definitiv.com.au.