September 16, 2019   |   Product Updates

Document Folders

Are you the kind of person who likes everything to be organised and categorised down to a T? Well, our team has your back.

Last month, we introduced user-configurable folders for all document types; organisation and employee.

Now you can categorise all the documents and templates stored in Definitiv to your heart’s content.

To get started, you will need to set up your folders or categories under Document Types (Admin > Configuration > Document Types).

To make it easier to add new folders and to create sub-folders, the Document Types page has been updated with drag ‘n’ drop functionality. Also, if you like to get super specific with your categorisation, you can have an infinite number of child categories. Seriously, that means you can have sub-folders for days.

Once you have added all your folders and sub-folders, you will be able to start adding or moving documents into these new categories.

For employee documents, these new folders and sub-folders will automatically show on an employee’s master record, under Document Management (exactly like the below).

Document Types

We have already received some amazing positive feedback on this new update, and we are so chuffed this small change has made such a difference. If you have any ideas for new features and enhancements, make sure you let our team know.